7 Surprising ways Twitter can help you reach your Goal


You can’t talk about social media without mentioning Twitter. Commanding over 206 million daily active users by the second quarter of 2021, the social platform is undoubtedly one of the largest in the World. This has attracted not only various brands hoping to leverage the high number of users to generate sales but also senior personalities who want to reach out to their followers.

Ranging from Corporate, Government entities, politicians, B2B, and other entities, Twitter continues to attract the interest of various players Worldwide. With estimated revenue of slightly over $ 3.7 billion, many companies and individuals spend an arm and leg in a scramble to reach out to their target market through Twitter.

Some of the factors that have contributed to the popularity of Twitter include Twitter ads. Once you have many UK Twitter followers, you can easily promote your brand and get engagement for your posts.

So, how can you use Twitter to achieve your goals? Here is how!

#1.Brand awareness

Whether you are a startup or have a new product in the market or a politician intending to vie for a position or celebrity, you can leverage Twitter’s features to reach out to more people. All you need is to grow your Twitter follower count and then share valuable content.

Additionally, you can use Twitter targeting features to reach out to your target audience. This increases the chances of reaching out to the target population based on their preferences.

In a typical market environment, many businesses scramble for the same customers. Improving brand visibility gives your brand a competitive edge over competitors, making acquiring more customers easy.

#2.Better Customer service

You can leverage Twitter to improve customer service for your brand. The two-way communication approach makes it easy to interact and get feedback from customers. That way, you stand a chance to address customer concerns and deliver better services.

Additionally, direct contact with customers helps improve the relationship with the target population. The more responsive you are, the higher your chances of winning customer loyalty. In that regard, if you are stuck on improving customer service, then it’s high time you integrate Twitter into your communication strategy.

While Twitter is important for promoting brand awareness, maintaining a presence on the social platform requires commitment and hiring people with the right skills.

For example, your tweets can easily be missed unless you identify the right time you should send out your tweets. Another key factor in dealing with negative criticism. Understanding how to handle customer complaints is critical in maintaining a good relationship with the target market.

#3. Cut advertising costs

The cost of traditional advertising can be overwhelming for most entrepreneurs. As such, you can use Twitter advertising features to promote your posts and reach out to your target market.

Unlike the high cost of traditional advertising, Twitter comes with flexible costs that make it easy to promote a brand without having to break the bank. With as little as $10, you can target a specific population and get customers for your business.

With less or no cost, you can market your products and services in front of your customers without worrying about advertising costs. Although some entrepreneurs choose to sponsor posts to reach out to more customers, you can easily market your products and services to your followers without having to incur any cost.

#4.Lead generation

Getting quality leads is the dream of every entrepreneur across the world.  If you have a startup and are unsure where to get leads for your business, Twitter can be an ideal platform. All you need is to invest in growing your Twitter followers. The first step should include running a series of sponsored posts or running targeted campaigns.

Alternatively, you can buy Twitter followers from credible platforms like boostlikes.uk so that you can leverage the high follower count to generate leads for your brand. Besides effectively networking with customers, Twitter has excellent features that make it easy to collect important data you need for your business.

#5. Reach a wider audience

Twitter enables your brand to be seen by many people worldwide. Unlike physical business premises, where a business is restricted to a particular location, Twitter makes it easy to reach out to customers from any part of the world. That way, you can generate impressive sales for your business and improve performance.

Through Twitter targeting features, you can market your brand in a market of your choice from any location. Therefore if you haven’t integrated Twitter into your marketing campaign, it’s high time you consider the social platform as your main marketing tool.

#6.Improve Return on Investment (ROI)

Twitter can help improve return on investment (ROI) if you understand or hire the right person to handle the account. With millions of users and exciting targeting features, you can use the social platform to market your brand and generate sales for your business. Against this backdrop, many businesses have fully embraced Twitter to improve conversions.

#7. Understanding Customer persona

Twitter comes with analytic features that make it easy to understand customer buying behavior. That way, you can easily understand what the customers want to strive at satisfying their needs.

However, getting customer data helps offer products and services relevant to the target market. This reduces the chances of marketing products to the wrong audience. In that case, you not only stand a chance to incur losses but also experience low business performance.

Therefore if you want to market products from an informed point of view, then you should consider using Twitter in your marketing campaigns.


Twitter is helpful to professionals looking for ways to network with other professionals and also comes with great features that you can leverage to achieve your business objective.

Whether you are an upcoming artist, an aspiring politician, or a startup struggling to generate leads, you can use Twitter to achieve your goals. The bottom line is using Twitter responsibly to target the right people that will help you realize your objective.

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