7 Ways To Get Social Media Users To Interact With Your Site

Are you looking to bump up traffic to your site? Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Before you know it, your Google Analytics account will be out of control. Here are some simple ways that you can start making your mark across social media, and drive traffic to your online business.

Show Your Sense Of Humour
There’s nothing like fun, engaging content to promote shares throughout social media. Host the content on your site – perhaps through your blog or news feed – and show your comic side. Keep the tone light and friendly to all audiences. Leave no room for offence.

Be Personable
Regardless of how professional and serious your business is, showing personality is what will separate you from your competitors. Re-evaluate how your company presents itself online, as social media is a powerful force, and if people fall in love with your brand, they will be willing to recommend or share you as a business to their friends.

warface-online-games-browsergamezThere’s nothing like a game to keep your website viewers entertained. Websites, such as Browsergamez, manage this so effectively, hosting hundreds of free games that keep people interacting with their site and coming back for more. In this age of online gaming, there’s definitely something in gamifying your site.

Add Value To Your Content
It can be tempting to spam your potential customers with product promotions and sales news. That being said, it is so important to tone this down and provide social media with content that is of value to them. Always think about how you can help people online, not how they can help you by buying your products.

Run Simple Contests
Simple contests are a great way to get the social media world abuzz with your business’ name; especially if you provide prize incentives. Choose something your chosen demographic would really appreciate, but is still applicable to your business. If it hits the mark, people will share the contest, in the hope of winning (if you specify that this is an entry requirement).

Solve Problems
Do you think your potential customers have a problem that you can solve? Share simple solutions related to your products, with a fun, engaging picture. This is a way of catering for your customers’ needs in a light-hearted fashion. Tied into this too is asking questions. Asking open-ended questions heightens your customers’ engagement with your business.

Shout Out To Your Customers
Be sure to share your customers’ stories, so they feel part of your brand. For example, if you sell BBQ products online, share images of customers using your products and enjoying a large, family get-together. Not only do you close the gap between your business and your target demographic, but you also show your products in a friendly, homely light, which is tied-into a powerful emotion: nostalgia.

How is social media working for you, to drive traffic to your site?

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