Should I Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions?

should-i-register-multiple-domain-name-extensionsThe process of creating a domain name that perfectly introduces your business to potential customers in just a few characters can be difficult, but the fact is that the domain name itself is only the beginning.

The next part in establishing a recognizable Internet presence for your business is to choose a domain name extension for the full address of your site, and although the most commonly known option is “.com”, there are a range of new extensions that can deliver even more targeted traffic to the website of your business when you register a domain name in Australia.

While most company leaders elect to register a single domain name extension when building their web sites, registering a domain name under more than one extension can deliver a number of additional benefits for businesses looking for a competitive edge.

Guaranteed Traffic Direction

With the range of new domain name extensions being established in recent years, having as many as possible associated with your domain address and website is the only way to ensure that visitors are directed to your site no matter what. When you obtain a new extension for the domain name of your web site, you can set up what is known as a 301 redirect so that anyone who enters one of your alternate URLs is directed to the main page of your site.


Many individuals new to domain name registration are unaware that their unique domain name only corresponds to the specific address and extension registered. For example, registering under only covers the “.com” extension, with “”, “” and “” all open for others to use.

Intentionally misappropriating the trade name of another business in an domain name registration is illegal and known as cybersquatting, but many businesses have seen their reputations irreparably damaged by malicious parties who build false web sites at these addresses before their misconduct is discovered.

In the dawn of the Internet, domain names were chiefly made up of extended number sequences that directed a computer to a given web address, but the modern Internet turns what started as a purely organizational concept into an opportunity to connect with your current and potential clientele. While choosing a great domain name goes a long way toward building the popularity of a businesses’ site, the right domain name extension ensure that everyone knows the address a company calls home on the world wide web.

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