Ways Pinterest Will Help You Boost Your SEO Strategy

how pinterest can boost your seo strategyPinterest has really evolved over the years; then you know that it serves as a powerful visual SEO tool. However, it is still one of the most underrated platforms despite the traffic it can drive to your website.

You will discover anything within different niches from fashion, sports to Toronto Massage App. If you put a strong and dedicated effort into Pinterest, it will pay off in so many ways especially when it comes to SEO boosting for your business.

1. Pinterest is already a Search Engine Leverage on That

Most people think of Google and Bing when they hear the word “Search Engine,” well they are the obvious ones we are not disputing that, but there are also millions of searches every month on Pinterest and YouTube as well.

Compared to getting your Keywords to rank in Google, getting your content on Pinterest is a bit more realistic and achievable. Ranking on Google or getting to the front page doesn’t happen overnight. However, if you put your best efforts on Pinterest, you might actually swim your business to the front page, as Pinterest also well known to be great for promotion.

2. Get More Links

By now you know that backlinks increase website rankings in Google. Well, with Pinterest, every pin acts as a different link back to your website. However, don’t use this as a chance to flood the platform with uncountable pins. You need to know that links from Pinterest are always “nofollow” which means they won’t pass SEO flavor to your website.

However, if you make your Pinterest boards rock, then you can be sure more and more people will be more pushed to click and follow your website. So pin considerably with SEO initiative in mind.

3. Gives You More Chances To Be Featured in the SERPS

Any SEO activity shows up in the SERPS, that is Search Engine Ranking Pages. Having an attractive and compelling Pinterest page will enable you to boost the page to the rank top of the branded searches. The aim is to have your Pinterest rank on top, and you will be able to attract more visitors and gain more followers. If you do it right, you will be able to drive massive traffic to your business.

4. Social Signals and Fresh Content

Bing is already one of the search engines that is using social signals in their rankings. Google is yet to do the same but using social signals is working. The good thing about Bing is that it started including pins in the image searches.
social signal fresh contentIf you join in the social signals, you will be creating an opportunity to have your business rank on the front page with other big companies. You will be killing two birds with one stone. However, search engines love to see new content, so you need to make sure that your pins are high-quality and have relevant content for you to prove Google and other search engines to crawl your website more.

So you need to make sure you optimize your profile, boards, and pins you also have to focus on the thoughtful and specific description of your pins. Avoid using hashtags on Pinterest and do your keyword research wisely. The aim to make sure that your pins are rich.

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