How to Get More Followers on Your Instagram Page

how to get more followers on instagram page
Instagram is the trendiest among all the social media platforms which are rolling out to be extremely profitable for business owners. Today, every business whether small scale or large scale has its account on the Instagram platform for the promotion of its products and services. Instagram is the most engaging platform that has millions of users as of now.

To create a difference in this extremely competitive world, the one who adopts and practices the most right strategies get the most advantage. The more engagement on the page, the more the conversion rate would be. Therefore, here is the way to buy more followers on instagram naturally:

Upload high-quality pictures

Pictures are the primary task that every other business owner does on the Instagram page. However, posting the right picture in the right way is the deciding factor for the success of the page. Most people think that for a good picture, one needs a DSLR camera which is just not the case. If you have a smartphone with a decent camera, then also you can click a good picture depending on how your photography skills are? To make a picture look good, all you need is good lighting and focus. Good pictures captivate the people and make the page look more pleasing.

Connect with other social media platforms

Instagram allows its users to connect the page with their other social media grounds such as Facebook and Twitter. You can share the same content which you are posting on your Instagram account directly by swiping right the option of sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. In this way, one would be able to leverage more audiences to the page and even directs them to have a look on your Instagram page as well via other platforms such as Growthoid, it believes that Growthoid has a great reputation for getting more Instagram followers organically. In addition to that, posting the content on your blog page is yet another great idea.

Use popular hashtags

use popular hashtags
Hashtags play a crucial role in the process of promotion of a business’s Instagram page. Using appropriate and popular hashtags is very important to reach the potential customers of the business. Popular hashtags will help you reaching to a wide number of people which is an easy path to get more engagement on the Instagram page. You can take the help of Google and can search the trendiest and most popular hashtags which are on the top.

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Tag location

When uploading the post on your page, use the option of tagging location wisely. Always tag a general location instead of a specific one to get the attention of a large number. All the people looking around that area will get to know you and you can get a good chance of getting more followers on your account.

Behind the scenes information’

Making the account a bit personalized along with professional is important to gain more engagement. It helps to develop a sense of personal feeling and strengthen the emotional connectivity between you and your audience. People love to see the real you. Therefore, sharing behind the scenes snaps or videos is a pretty good idea. Sharing the snaps of your employees and their out of office activities would be the unique and interesting thing you can do to get more followers.

Giveaways and contesting

Contesting the competitions and giveaways are a great idea to boost engagement on the page. Contesting competition and offering goodies for free is interesting for getting the attention of your potential audience. For instance, if you deal with products, you can make people create an attractive post or picture with your product and offer them ‘a chance to win’ opportunity. In this way, your product gets automatically promoted in a more personalized way. You can build the trust of the audience by doing the same.

Join hands with an influencer

join hands with an influencer
Collaborating with an influence is yet another good idea to boost your Instagram page. Find an influence within the industry you are dealing with and make them promote your product on their page. This will directly increase your business credibility and makes it reliable in the eyes of your potential users. They will look to your product via the activities of their favorite influencers which will help you get more followers on your page alongside.

Ask a question

‘Asking a question’ is currently in trend on the Instagram platform. A business page can take advantage of them on a personal level. You can make people ask their queries and question regarding your organization and your product. By answering them with satisfactory writing, you can gain their loyalty. You can do it by uploading it as your status or by creating a post. The more number of people who will comment on your Instagram page would let you get more likes and followers on your other post as well.

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