How to Use LinkedIn Endorsements

how to use linkedIn endorsements
Even though LinkedIn has emerged as one of the best American business and employment-oriented online services, it is still hard to fathom how so much people use it as just some sort of social media profile. LinkedIn is so much more, you are actually encouraged to post frequently as this will help build your connections.

One of the biggest ways is through endorsements and one of the most asked questions is “does it matter?” The answer is simple: yes it does. Endorsements come a long way in proving what kind of candidate you are, this is how recruiters see if you are reliable and if the credentials you list are authentic or just for display.

There are many ways you can get LinkedIn Endorsements. You can actually look for a reputable service provider like Market Sentinel to assist you to get endorsements on LinkedIn from real and active users on the platform. They will use organic methods such as creating viral content to promote your LinkedIn profile. This is considered one of the fast methods to get more LinkedIn endorsements.

The other methods require you to spend more time to acquire LinkedIn Endorsements which we will cover in this article.

Let’s get started…

How to get LinkedIn endorsements for the career you want

A good idea is to give your skills on general knowledge over specific type skills. Talk about your attitude, your best subject, or whatever general skills you may have.

For example, if you want to be a computer programmer then don’t just say that you’re good at computer programming because this is what every other applicant will say; instead, talk about your attitude and other skills you have, this may be the big difference on if you will get hired or not, or You can also use LinkedIn automation to get more endorsements.

It’s important not to add a specific skill set that you don’t like as there are companies who will contact you for those, this will then put you in an uncomfortable position. Instead, just display the ones that you are truly passionate about for less confusion in getting endorsements.

How to use LinkedIn Endorsements

skills and endorsements
It’s important to know how to endorse or get endorsed in the first place. LinkedIn tries to make this as simple as possible by giving out examples of skills that you can add to your profile such as writing, estate planning, or whatsoever. Endorsements will then be listed on your profile which can be seen in the Experience section for everyone to see or buy LinkedIn followers will get you immediate attention.

It is quite impossible to know how much endorsements can truly influence recruiters, which is why it often gets criticized. but these three things are certain.

Having LinkedIn Endorsements always helps you to build social proof for your profile.

Perhaps, the only negative effect that can come from it is if you have endorsements that talk about numerous different skills especially ones that you don’t want to be publicized. This is not a good thing as employers that review your profile will not know what your main skills as a possible employee will be.

The second is, not having enough endorsements on your profile will make viewers second guess about your worth as a potential candidate. They will worry if you are active on social media and if you truly know how to take advantage of it. It does not matter to them how impressive your resume and skillset is if you do not have people to prove your worth.


Combining all of those, the last tip is to get as many proper recommendations and endorsements as you could get, ones that display the skillset you want, your attitude, your passion.

If you use all of these properly, you will be sought after on LinkedIn. That’s all for this article if you have any questions, just let us now.

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