What Are The Best Tips To Use Spotify’s Playlist Submission Feature?

best tips to use spotifys playlist submission feature
Learn about the best tips to get your songs from Spotify’s Playlist curators or simply you can just buy Spotify plays.

Getting your music featured on a top playlist remains one of the best ways to gain more popularity and display your music craft to more people. Now, it’s possible to get featured on playlists with help of professional promo services or using Spotify’s Playlist Pitching Tool. What this means is that you do not need access to playlist curators or plenty of help from your record label to get a playlist feature. This tool allows artists to submit their tracks for consideration by the Spotify editorial team and they get a chance to feature on the best playlists.

What are the functions of The Playlist Pitching Tool?

The Playlist Pitching Tool is designed to make the curation process free of bottlenecks and fairer. Through this method, it’s possible for every artist to make a submission. The tool makes the process easier for artists without a renowned record label or high-class connections. Artists, managers, or record labels can make submit an unreleased song for consideration by Spotify’s editorial curators. There are over 100 Spotify editors around the world. They are music experts and cultural ambassadors whose job is to spread music.

What is the Spotify Track submission process?

The process of submitting your track to Spotify includes the following:

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The first thing you need to do would be to log in to your Spotify artist account on your desktop. Then, you can submit your song in the ways. (Note: Submissions are only for unreleased music)

  1. Select “Submit a song”close to the song of your choice at the top of the Home tab.
  2. Click the three dots next to the release you want to submit in the profile tab.
  3. Navigate to Upcoming in the Catalog tab and click on Submit a Song next to the release of your choice.

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What Are Some Additional Important Steps To Remember For Spotify Playlist Submission?

When you are done selecting your song for submission, it’s important to include lots of vital information about the track to make it more appealing. The inclusion of more information in your submission will increase its chances of getting discovered by curators.

  • Indicate your genre
  • Describe the mood for the track
  • Describe instruments used in the song
  • Identify any culture which suits your release
  • Add any other extra information that may make it easier for curators to get your track out to the world.
  • Be sure to check out the follower’s playlist as well.

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