Gaming on a Budget – Things You Have to Know

gaming on budgetBeing a gamer is really an exciting and interesting hobby. However, it is also really expensive. You need to keep up with the latest gadgets and consoles, and you also need to buy new games. Clearly, you do not need to buy every game that is released, or every new component, however, as gamer, you will have expenses on a monthly basis.

Luckily, gaming does not need to be really expensive. You can play some of the best games without having a cutting edge PC or console, and without spending a fortune on new games or monthly subscriptions. Here are some things you should know if you want to take up gaming as a hobby, but save some cash at the same time.

Don’t go for cheap equipment

dont go for cheap gaming equipmentIf you want a budget friendly solution, buying outdated or cheap equipment is not an answer to that problem. The only reason to buy older equipment is if you want to play old games, like Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, the first generation of Pokémon, etc. This is understandable if you played games as a child, and you are nostalgic, but if you want to play them now, because everyone on the internet glorifies them, then you won’t have an incredible time, because those games won’t have the same impact on you.

If you want to play popular games, cheap equipment will only ruin the game experience so, it would be wiser to save some cash and buy better equipment. But, we will discuss how to save money and how not to spend a fortune on gaming gadgets later.

Don’t go for something cutting edge either

dont go for cutting edgeBuying a cutting edge PC is really expensive, and if you think that you will need it to play video games, then you are wrong. You will need it for a specific type of work, but for gaming, an average PC will do. Think about it from a developer’s perspective; would you create a product that only a PC which is affordable by 10% of the population could mount? It is illogical. Games are made to work on average PCs.

However, even an average PC is not too cheap, and if you only need it to play video games, it is still a lot of money for a hobby. Moreover, you will need additional equipment like a mouse and a keyboard that are more responsive and specifically designed for gaming.

The best games are free

When it comes to buying games, you need to ask yourself what you really expect from your gaming hobby. Do you want a game that you can play alone for a long time? Do you want something you can play with your friends online? Maybe, you want a real challenge and to master a game that only those with incredible persistence are able to beat?

In all honesty if you really want to be a gamer, than your primary focus should be on competitive games, because you can never beat them. They constantly increase the amount of skill required in order to keep up, and it is why these games are the most popular. Some of them even have their own championships. Furthermore, these games are free, meaning anyone can play them. So, if you go with Starcraft, Counter Strike, Hearthstone, League of Legends, or something similar, you can’t go wrong.

Wait for discounts

Finally, you do not need to buy your gaming equipment at full price. You can wait for discounts. As you know, there are events like Black Friday, when you can get all kinds of stuff at significantly lower prices, but when that moment has passed, you would have to wait for an entire year. You can find discounts using coupons for specific stores, and get discount either when getting a new computer or new gaming equipment, or even when getting video games. Basically, you need coupons for big stores that have all of these things, so that you can buy everything at one place and get a discount.

To sum up, gaming is not a cheap hobby, but it does not necessarily need to be really expensive. Simply do some calculations, and ask yourself what you really want to play, and wait for things to become a bit cheaper.

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