Photolemur: A New Easy Photo Editing Solution

photolemur a new easy photo editing solutionArtificial intelligence brings to mind visions of science fiction thrillers and movie villains. However, AI is part of the real world. It’s already in use in many major industries. It’s a time and cost-effective solution to many stubborn problems, but more surprising is the fact that it can help you edit your vacation photos. This new genre of AI is turning the labor-intensive work of photo editing into an automated process. Leading this new development in photography is Photolemur.

Using AI to Auto Enhance Photos

Rather than focusing on a single element of photo enhancement, Photolemur examines the full image and helps with everything from noise reduction to horizon straightening. Its sky enhancement feature is unparalleled, and it can rescue the hidden colors in essentially any over-exposed picture. This photo enhancer removes the burden of photo editing for amateur photographers. Mastering editing software takes both time and money. Mastering Photolemur takes the click of a button. All of this is possible thanks to the advances of artificial intelligence.

photolemur photo enhancement solution

Photolemur’s AI solution learns from users to provide the best auto photo enhancement experience possible. While the software begins with a powerful set of algorithms to transform and polish essentially every part of a photo, the more the software is used, the better it becomes. Users can reject photos with editing errors, or simply photos they dislike, and Photolemur’s artificial intelligence examines these images to learn what traits made them undesirable. It doesn’t just learn from its failures, though. It also learns from success. The photo enhancement software looks at images users keep to see what the best images have in common. Over time, the picture enhancer streamlines itself. All users have to do is keep or dispose of their finished images.

This learning process is expedited by the fact that Photolemur handles images in bulk. Rather than submitting images to the software one at a time, users can enter their full photo album and then examine all of their polished images at the same time. Because of this feature, the photo enhancer gets a massive amount of feedback just about every time it’s used. The artificial intelligence in the photo enhancement software can improve significantly between one batch of photos and the next thanks to rapid processing and updated performance standards.

Simple Editing Process for Even the Most Amateur Photographer

Rather than simply making professional tools available to all photographers, Photolemur takes on the role of photo editor. The difference between photo editing software and photo enhancement software is the role of the user. Editing software requires extensive knowledge on the part of the user in order to fulfill its function. This usually requires formal training and extra expense. On the other hand, photo enhancement hands off the burden of actual editing to the software. This shift in roles is what makes artificial intelligence the perfect picture enhancer. AI makes auto photo enhancement possible, and in exchange, the user improves the software’s function through their likes and dislikes.

The ease of auto photo enhancement is what makes this use of AI so special. The ultimate goal of AI is to take over work people find too burdensome or time consuming. This is done by collecting and examining data.

Until now, photography was far too nuanced for AI to help, but recent advances have made it possible for AI to simultaneously consider each individual pixel and the image as a whole. This dual ability is what gives the Photolemur photo enhancer such tremendous abilities. The fact that it will only improve given time is a further testament to the versatility of artificial intelligence. This new, easy photo editing solution is bound to change the way photographers approach editing.

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