Tiktok launches educational videos section

tiktok as education platform

What associations do you have with the word “TikTok”? Teen bloggers and a feed that never ends? What if we said that TikTok not only has recipes, beauty bloggers, and weird challenges but also great channels for learning foreign languages and any other sciences. Check it out for yourself!

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5 educational TikTok that students will get stuck on. To help the progressive teacher

On the first day of the new school year, I don’t want to think about textbooks, tons of new material, and tests that are coming soon. But sticking to gadgets out of summer habit is also not entirely correct. The trade-off is educational TikTok, which will not load the child and allow you to spend screen time with benefit.

Anime English

Daria teaches English from video games and anime. For example, it explains why an article should be used with the title of Hokage and what lexical benefit can be derived from the time spent playing Genshin Impact. There are also sketches about teaching: funny and not-so-funny stories about students and their parents, examples of defending teacher boundaries.

Historical quests

Annette is a historian. In a game format, she creates long videos, where she reproduces the fate of historical figures. At the same time, she invites viewers to find out on their own who they are talking about. And if it doesn’t work out, you can see the detailed explanation in the comments. Often in TikTok, Annette examines the topic of Greece mythology, offering to plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Greece.

History in images

The author of this channel, Daria, also appreciates historical cosplay. In her videos, she dramatizes episodes from the history of Europe, disguises herself as Catherine II and other historical figures, introduces historical facts into the videos that will help on the Unified State Exam. Charisma helps the teacher to accurately convey the mood of the era and characters.

Bush art

The author of this channel, Ann, tells provocative stories about art and artists in her videos. For example, she has a video about how the icons of the three-headed Jesus appeared. The emphasis is on accessible presentation with illustrations and simple vocabulary.

Trending chemistry and biology

Anastasia, a biology and chemistry tutor, adapts facts from her subjects to TikTok trends. For example, in one of the videos, you can find out in a few seconds how the sun affects the skin – everything is told in a simple, fun, and playful way.

Also, remember that the TikTok app now has a section with educational videos “TikTok Univer”. It contains videos on art, science, foreign languages, and interior design and attracts many TikTok followers. How to get views more info here.

There are four areas in the TikTok University tab: Science Courses, Language Courses, Art Courses, and Interior Courses. The users themselves are responsible for the content of the videos. The social network invites them to share skills and upload videos with suitable tags, for example, #language courses. Then it automatically appears in the section. Therefore, in “TikTok Univer” videos explaining Present Continuous coexist with humorous sketches and dances.

“We see strong demand from TikTok users for educational content; on the site, training videos, various tutorials, and courses from professionals are gaining more and more popularity, – a representative of TikTok told – The TikTok Univer initiative is designed to accumulate educational content on the site within the framework of categories of interest to the audience. We encourage all users who have useful knowledge to share it on TikTok in short video format. ”

TikTok is a Chinese social network with short music videos, live streams, and instant messenger. TikTok’s global audience reaches 800 million monthly active users.

In June 2019, TikTok launched the #EduTok Challenge in India and asked local users to share 15-second training videos. This is how more than 10 million videos appeared on the platform. In October, the company decided to promote professional educational content, including two Indian English language learning channels. TikTok also began partnering with local online schools: Vedantu, GradeUp and Toppr. Their teachers filmed educational videos for the social network. The content has expanded to include videos that teach math, science, and even fitness in #EduTok. The company has stated that the #EduTok project will only grow in one country, but TikTok Univer is very similar to how the company began its entry into the online education market in India.

TikTok’s actions are in line with the general microlearning trend. This format involves short sessions focused on a single issue or skill. This can be a parsing of a specific function of the software or instructions on how to tie a bow tie.

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