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One of the biggest factors in determining how a company goes about doing anything is always going to be price. In terms of custom web application development services, there is a multitude of factors that can go into determining the cost.

For instance, one of the first questions might be “Should we hire a team on-staff to handle the project, or should we hire a third party to develop the application for us?” The first option will have a greater cost, obviously, but maybe worth it in the long run because of the benefits of having an in-house team of developers. However, hiring a third party to develop an application has its host of benefits as well.

So let’s look into how much it costs to get a web application developed, and why there are so many factors that go into those numbers.

The Numbers

While we’d love to throw out a number and say definitively that this is how much it costs to get a custom web application developed, the truth is that number varies wildly. There are some projects that may only cost $20-$30 thousand, while there are others that can stretch into the hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars.

If you’re building a brand new application that will have to function for a very large audience, you might be looking at some of those higher ranges. If you’re building something small, or you’re building on top of an existing application, those costs might be a little lower. The important thing is to be realistic and detailed about your needs when talking to a developer to get an accurate picture of the necessary budget.

Questions that Affect Cost

The size, scope, and needs of your project will ultimately determine the cost. For instance, what type of web application are you looking for? Will it be a content-driven website? If so, that means that content will have to be hosted somewhere, which means server costs and cloud solutions.

Think about the following questions about your project and how the answers might affect cost:

  • Can you build on what you have? Building on an existing web application will be a cheaper solution than building something from scratch.
  • Will the web application need to support a large user base? Supporting a lot of users is going to require greater accessibility, more robust security, and more server support than something that is built for a small community or group of users. All of these things will add to the price.
  • What are the necessary integrations? If your application needs to integrate with credit card payment gateways or share data with an e-commerce engine, that’s something to consider. Same with utilizing Google logins or other third-party platforms.
  • What sort of features will it need? Think about and make a list of all the tools and functionality your application will require to make it as user-friendly as you want it to be.
  • What will the post-release support look like? Most third-party developers have support options to aid you after your application is released. Consider your needs carefully and choose an option that adequately serves those needs. Support is not something to skimp on.

When you’ve answered the above questions, you should be able to get a pretty accurate quote from your custom application developers. Then, you can add or remove functionality and scope as needed before development begins.

Is It Worth the Cost?

The short answer here is yes, it’s worth the cost to have your application developed by a third party.

When you hire a developer, you’re getting access to the team’s experience in the field and experience working together as a cohesive unit. You’re also getting the expertise of development veterans (presumably) who are used to working on projects of various sizes and delivering them successfully for a variety of clients. This is something that you can’t find by hiring an in-house team one member at a time.

Most importantly, you’re getting what you want. A good developer will be in frequent communication with your people to ensure that the project is proceeding in a way that aligns with your vision.

The caveat to all of this is that not all developers are equal when it comes to skill, expertise, and experience. Asahi Technologies has all of these things and more, and we have the portfolio to back it up.

Our testimonials speak to our ability to deliver high-quality custom web application development services in a way that satisfies the needs of our clients.

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