Top 5 Business Ideas To Execute Near A Beach

top 5 business ideas to execute near a beach
The best part about starting a new business near the beach is the fact that, depending on the nature of the business, you can start it with little investment. If you’re someone who is trying to set up a full-time business or even start a part time business during the warmer seasons, a beach location is the best place to do so.

I don’t know anyone who does not like spending time at the beach. The average Australian spends a large proportion of their time during the summer months at the beach meaning that you are looking at huge business potential.

In this article, we look at the five best startup business ideas that can be executed near the beach. We also look at why location is such an important factor for ultimately determining the success of any business.

1. Water sport equipment rental

When people think of the beach they think of fun, adventure and water sports. One possible business that you could run at the beach involves renting out the equipment for such water sports to tourists or locals looking to have a bit of fun on their day at the beach. You don’t even need to necessarily pay a premium to buy all the equipment yourself to then rent out to your customers!

You can take them for rent from a bigger company and return it back after the season ends. If you have a great team, appealing prices, and latest beach toys, your business can become a huge success.

2. Easy lodging and office rental facilities

easy lodging and office rental facilities
During the summer break, thousands of kids head to the beaches in hopes of having fun. They want to let off some steam, but at a budget. This can be a great opportunity to help them by offering cheap lodging accommodations.

Workspaces close to the beach are also in high demand in the summer months. If you can rent out an office space close to the beach you would be able to charge a premium during the summer months. Both employees and employers will benefit mentally from being in such as desirable location. In Sydney, many start-ups and established companies are constantly on the lookout for a modern office for rent in Bondi. By being close to such an iconic beach, many businesses benefit from increased foot traffic and often get away with charging a premium.

3. Renting cycling and gym equipment at the beach

People want to travel back and forth from their accommodation to the beach. This is a viable business opportunity which you can take advantage of. People like cycling- it is easy, convenient and healthy.

In addition to cycling, you can also offer gym equipment for rent. We are talking about weights, light equipment and bands. This kind of equipment is often popular with beach loving people and wouldn’t require a lot of investment or maintenance.

4. Food and beverage delivery

Every year, the amount of food and beverage consumed at the beach keeps on increasing. People are always looking for variety in their food and drinks. You could potentially capitalize on a new or exciting food trend and offer it at the beach for a premium price. Many popular beaches across the world also are home to a wide number of tourists, meaning that all different types of foods will be welcomed.

food and beverage delivery
This will help you stay relevant as well as make a sensible business proposition. In addition, it will offer people some variety!

5. Hookah bars and lounge Areas

Why not set up your hookah shack to go with some light beer for everyone? Providing a comfortable and cosy environment for those late evening get-togethers will no doubt be a runaway success.

Throw in some futons and some lounge chairs, get the music rolling and let people just hang out. Tourists and locals will come down in the hundreds to get a glimpse of the sunset as they socialize with their friends and enjoy the sounds of the beach.


The beach offers a lot of business opportunity for people looking to earn handsomely during the warmer seasons. You can plan and strategize any of the business ideas mentioned above. Can you think of any more ideas? Provide them in the comments section below.

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