How to Decorate a Bedroom with Plants

how to decorate bedroom with plants
Plantlife brings energy into any room. If you have a small bedroom space or just want to add some “life” to it, plants are a simple way to do that. They make beautiful décor and healthy addition to a home. Go anywhere from a mini succulent on your bedside table to an indoor garden!

According to Prerna from Ministry Of Cleaning Melbourne, indoor plants make a significant difference to air quality. Between air pollution and small spaces, it doesn’t take much for toxins to appear. A majority of plants are living air purifiers and naturally remove chemicals and impurities from their surroundings. Not only does that benefit you physically but mentally as well.

I know what some of you are thinking. Plants take maintenance, getting your hands dirty, etc. They don’t have to! Based on your comfort level of tending to your botanicals, you can use real, fake, or low-maintenance plants to liven up your home. Here are a couple of ideas that might interest you and help you decorate your bedroom with plants:

Botanical Artwork

For something extra artsy, build something like a succulent wall or wire grid to get your plants off the ground. They are available to buy (an excellent opportunity to support local artisans!) or possibly to create yourself. Bharti a business owner has extended this idea to her Cricket Store.

With a wire grid, you can easily mount all sorts of plants with various shapes, sizes, and types. True customization at play. This especially clears your floors and cabinets if you include hanging your plant care supplies.

plant bedroom decoration
If you’re into the plant art without wanting to do any maintenance, you can buy fake plants or get crafty. Pressed leaf art, wallpaper, and murals are beautiful (and easy) ways to decorate your walls.


If your headboard is wide enough, this is a great spot to set your plants. Large plants that spread out far make a great statement, drawing attention to the main part of the bedroom. Center a large plant and shape it with books and knickknacks. Play with various heights of smaller plants and arrange a line on top of your headboard.

There are plenty of ways to add some plant pizzazz to your bedroom. Mick from VR Digital suggests taking a stroll through your local gardening store, floral shop, or craft store for any plants or pieces that capture your attention. After all, you should love every plant you add to your space.

For those getting real plants, be sure to take note of their maintenance and sunlight needs. Place them in where they will thrive best and don’t be afraid to ask the shop employees for advice. Happy decorating!

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