Why Your Business Needs an HR Department

why your business needs an hr department
Are you thinking about starting up your own business? Maybe you’ve already started it and it’s just now starting to grow. One question you may be asking yourself is whether or not you need an HR department. Is it necessary to have one? What kind of role does the HR department have? How would it change the way your business operates? These are all very important questions to ask, and ones we’ll examine the answers to right here.

What is an HR Department?

The human resource department, also known as the HR department, is responsible for a number of important tasks. People often jump to the conclusion that the role of HR is simply to hire and fire staff, but it goes much further than that. The HR department is all about managing a company’s human resources, which just so happen to be the most valuable resource in a company. Staff can make or break a company, so they need to be managed in an effective way.

Many small business owners assume that because their business is small there is no need for an HR department and it’s just an added cost that really isn’t necessary. This isn’t true at all as businesses of all sizes and in all industries should make sure they have at least one HR representative in their company. Even if the company doesn’t want to hire a dedicated HR representative, they can look at outsourcing instead.

What are the Responsibilities of the HR Department?

To help understand the importance of the HR department, it’s vital to be aware of what it is responsible for. Most are familiar with the fact that HR deals with hiring and firing as well as recruitment, but there is more.

The HR department is responsible for ensuring workplace safety through safety training, bringing in specialists, and managing any worker’s compensation issues.

Compliance is another big thing that the HR department oversees. The company must be in compliance with employment and labor laws at all times, or they risk being shut down or fined.

Training new and existing staff also falls under the umbrella of the HR department. That could mean producing training manuals, holding training sessions/seminars, and more.

Of course, another big role of the department is employee relations. This can mean anything from dealing with unions, solving workplace grievances, and making sure employees have job satisfaction.

Who Is Qualified to Work in an HR Department?

working at hr department
When looking to fill positions in your HR department you want to be sure you are looking at candidates who have the proper educational background. Candidates should possess a master in communications, whether from a school they attended on-campus or from an online school such the University of Southern California, where they can earn an online MCM degree. This degree shows they have what it takes to be a successful human resource professional.

Effective HR staff need strong ethics, excellent communication skills, solid management skills, and excel when it comes to organizational skills.

HR Should Be a Part of All Companies

When it comes down to it, the HR department plays a critical role in the company’s success, as it is responsible for managing the company’s greatest asset – its staff.

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