How to Get Your Career in Graphic Design Started

graphic designer career tips inspirationAs you’d expect in a creative field like graphic design, there are a number of potential paths that could lead you to success in the industry. The route you take could be drastically different from one of your peers, and no single path will suit every young creative. However, there are particular steps that all future graphic designers should take in order to achieve the success they dream of. Follow these simple tips, and you should be well on your way to the career you want.

1. Learn from Professional Instructors

Because there are plenty of technical skills involved in the graphic design process, it’s important to find great teachers who can help you develop a strong foundation for your work. A specialist course will provide the education you need, as well as accredited qualifications to show future employers that you’ve got much-needed experience and training. Look into the diploma of screen and media gold coast and book yourself onto a course before you begin seeking out professional work.

2. Get the Right Tools

It’s impossible to do any form of graphic design without the right software programs. There are several out there to choose from, but you should be able to narrow down your options based on your budget, the type of design you plan to work with, and the computer you have. Photoshop is generally a solid starting point, but you’ll probably need to invest in a newer, pricier version if you want to get the best out of the software. Don’t neglect your hardware either – many graphic designers today find that a tablet is the perfect tool for their work, as they allow you to sketch and design in a more fluid way than a laptop allows.

3. Get Plenty of Experience

Take on as many jobs as you can handle in the first years of your career – building a strong portfolio is key, and you won’t be able to do that without getting work experience and creating designs to show to other potential clients. If you struggle to find paying clients at first, consider volunteering your skills to a local charity or designing work for family and friends to help build a portfolio and solidify your talent.

4. Develop Your Own Personal Style

Because graphic design is essentially an art form, much of your success will come down to creating your own unique point of view in your work. This doesn’t always come easily or quickly, but with plenty of practice and hours spent playing with the programs on your computer and sketching in notebooks, a vision should begin to form. You can also look for inspiration from other graphic designers and then tweak the various styles to fine-tune your work.

5. Build a Brand Online

As with many career paths today, success in the graphic design field requires you to build a social media presence and create a brand online. Use various platforms and experiment with ways to present your best work through social media and a website. Social media presents a unique way to connect with other designers and potential clients, and to network within the industry as a whole, so you could be seriously missing out if you skip this step.

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