3 Signs That You Should Redesign Your Website

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With more business taking place online than ever before, it’s vital that your business has a beautiful and fully functional website if you have any hope of taking your fair share of the marketplace. However, for many businesses, what their website really could use is a good redesign.

To help you see if your business is in this position, here are three signs that you should redesign your website


You’re Not Mobile Friendly

Although a lot of people are staying home for greater periods of the day now, it’s still important that your website is mobile-friendly for anyone who might be trying to access it via their smartphone or other mobile devices.

According to Dan Moyle, a contributor to Business2Community.com, not only does having a mobile-friendly website make it easier for visitors to view your content when they aren’t using a computer, but it also helps your website to rank better in search results. Knowing all this, you can’t afford to not redesign your website, or at least make the necessary changes so that visitors accessing your website from any device will have a positive experience and interaction with it. 


You’re Getting Bad Feedback

In some cases, you’ll know that your website isn’t meeting your needs simply due to the bad feedback you’ve been receiving from either your visitors or from your analytics.

Neil Patel of CrazyEgg.com shares that if people are telling you that they’re having a hard time navigating or using your website, it’s a good idea to try to implement whatever changes necessary to improve the user experience. Sometimes, small tweaks can be made rather than having to redesign your whole website. But if you’re seeing complaints about all types of things on your website, starting over might just make more sense. 

Additionally, if you’re seeing your conversion rates drop or notice that people bounce from your website at certain points on a consistent basis, this could be proof that your website isn’t meeting their needs and that a redesign needs to take place. 


Your Business Has Changed

Every few years or so, many businesses feel the need to give themselves a facelift or update to stay current. If this is something you’ve undertaken recently, Bernard Mwakililo, a contributor to Medium.com, shares that it’s crucial that you don’t forget to bring your online branding up-to-date as well. This will help all of your marketing materials to be consistent so that your brand can be recognized by anyone and in any arena. 

If you’ve been wondering whether or not your website should start a redesign in the near future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see if you’ve fallen victim to one of the situations mentioned above. 

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