Acrylic Prints vs Canvas Prints

acrylic prints vs canvas prints
Whether you are a photographer looking to showcase images or a homeowner looking for a brand-new way to decorate, there are many options available. But with acrylic and canvas prints proving to be two of the most popular methods, which is more beneficial?

What Is The Difference?

When looking at an acrylic print and a canvas print, you may not see many differences at first. However, when you look closer, several subtle differences can make your images look better than ever before. When it comes to quality there are very minimal differences, however, many prefer the clean and polished effect the acrylic can provide you. This is, therefore, something to consider as the size of the picture you are looking for has the potential to affect the price.

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How Does It Affect Quality?

When you look at the differences in quality between the two printing types, they are fairly minimal. However, the use of acrylic for printing does produce a cleaner print as there is no texture from the material. An acrylic print is an image that is printed on high-quality photo paper and bonded to a polished piece of clear acrylic. This often creates a cleaner and more modernised look for a new home when compared to the traditional method of canvas. Due to the nature of a canvas print, there are two methods of canvas that you can choose from, a wrap-around canvas and a pain sides print. Neither affects the overall image quality and both look great in the home.

acrylic prints vs canvas prints difference

What About Durability?

In terms of durability, both provide their own unique characteristics, however, an acrylic print is less prone to scratching and UV damage. However, an online canvas print that has been treated correctly can last just as long. If it has been laminated, this is likely to last longer than a print that has been varnished as this can lead to the ink cracking, therefore, you must be aware of the style of print that you are purchasing beforehand.

The Cost Difference Between The Two?

The final key difference between acrylic and canvas prints is the cost. The cost of a canvas print for your interior design is far more affordable particularly if you are purchasing multiple at once. Not only does it provide you with amazing looking image quality, but it is also lightweight and can be hung in multiple rooms on the house. However, acrylic prints are often much more expensive to produce and whilst they are lighter than glass, are often much heavier than canvas. Because of this, you are limited to the number of places that you can hang it or even the image size that you require due to the overall weight.

With this being said, both printing methods can provide you with an amazing image quality that is the perfect addition to your home regardless of the colour theme that you have chosen or the room that you are going to hang it in.

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