Brilliant Business Cards: Choosing a Design People Will Want to Show Everyone

business cards design tipsThe tradition of handing out a calling card is a few centuries old. Business cards became very popular in the 1980’s, and they remain a key part of corporate marketing today. In today’s global marketplace you might think your website is the most important part of your business but you should never underestimate the power of face-to-face networking, where you hand out your card and make a personal connection. Your business card is more than just a note carrying your contact information. In many cases, potential clients will form their first impressions of your business based on what is on that tiny card. Here are a few things to consider when designing your next batch of business cards.

Design a Card That Promotes Your Brand

You’ve worked hard to create a logo and design that conveys your company brand. Make sure the font, design, messaging and materials of your business card are in keeping with that brand. The elements of your business card should match the color and theme of your website and any other corporate materials. Your card should also be made of a product that sends a message. You can have a card made with a silk finish to convey elegance or double thickness to convey strength. A card made of recyclable materials shows your business is environmentally conscious. A card made of plastic speaks of practicality and durability. Hand out a card that leaves a lasting impression on the recipient so that your brand is top-of-mind the next time they need your products or services.

Non-Traditional Calling Cards

The standard 3.5” x 2” business card was originally designed to fit in a wallet. But let’s face it – many of us have about a dozen different banking and membership cards to carry around with us these days. Your business card might get lost in the shuffle. Besides – you want your card to be something that is frequently looked at. If impressed by your card, the recipient will want to display it prominently or share it with friends and associates. So don’t feel constrained by tradition. Browse Lanyards USA for cards in different styles designed to stand out from the pack.

Think outside the Wallet

Today’s business cards come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. And many of them aren’t cards at all. If you want your card to show how advanced and progressive your business is, you might consider using technology to create a card that lights up, reads your pulse or shows a video. Or you can have a card designed in the shape of one of the tools of your trade. Your rectangular card can be designed to resemble a cutting board, a purse, a book or a laptop. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure your website, contact information, and logo are clearly visible and get creative.

Remember the Basics

After you have chosen the design for your new business card, remember to check and double check the copy. A spelling mistake or misplaced apostrophe can ruin more than your pack of business cards. It can ruin your company’s professional reputation in an instant. Ensure the text is easy to read in both font and color. Make sure all of your information is up to date, and don’t include unnecessary details like your fax number and street address unless they are key methods of contact for your business. Too much text will make your card appear cluttered. Listing your products and services is an outdated practice as well – your brand should be simply conveyed with one target statement or in the design alone. Your website will do the rest. Your logo should be a focal point of the design, and there should be an edge left around the card so that the design is not cut off when the cards are made. If you typically add information to a card before handing it out, leave the back side blank so you can write on it.

Take your time, do your research and create a card that serves a purpose. Many businesses also use more than one card for different aspects of their operations, or they use both sides of the same card for this reason. Your business cards are as important as your website in reflecting your work. If you take the time to design a card that is memorable, long lasting and reflective of your brand, it will become an important part of your business marketing strategy.


Hey there, I’m Chris Trembath. The CMO at Lanyards USA. I have worked in marketing for ten years specialize in assisting clients with advertising both online and offline. When not spending insane hours in the office I participate in Crossfit and play various online games. Ask me anything about building your business and I will be only too happy to assist.

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