Creating Engaging Content through 3D

3d-web-contentUsing 3D content to create user engagement
The internet is continuously expanding, especially in the sector of e-Commerce sites. As such, those which are breaking into the market need to have websites which set them apart from the others. In an article by Forbes it was stated by Dinesh Raju, Referral Candy’s CEO that:

consumers are buying online more than ever and growth rates in the e-commerce sector remain very healthy.

Dinesh Raju

CEO at Referral Candy


But even with the expansion of the sector, e-commerce sites must capture interest. According to Entrepreneur “Your site has only seconds to capture interest.” Using 3D Models is one way in which you can create engaging content.

3D Models in the Design

When you look at the content for a great deal of websites, you will note that they have a common downfall, they are all relatively flat in design. There is no depth to the page. Granted, there are a few sites out there which implement some 3d elements from a template, but these have been used so much that the content blends into being redundant. To create engaging content with 3D Models consider:

Your overall Branding
Just because something is popular does not mean that it will fit into your brand. Look for 3d models and content which will emphasis your brand. By doing so, you will step out of the cliché content that peppers the sector and have something unique to your page.

Make it move
3D content does add a depth to any webpage, however if you can have the 3d model animated so that it draws the eye to certain content (without looking cheesy) than you have achieved a great advantage in capturing the viewer.

Make it interactive
One of the simplest ways to make a site more interesting is to use scrolling interaction. Combining the interactive elements with 3D elements could add the dynamics that your site needs to push it up in SERPs and gain a larger viewer base.

Creating Engaging Content in your Product

If you have an e-commerce site, consider using a 3D model with UX coded into the model. For example: If your site sells T-shirts of different sizes and colors, your site could use a 3d model of a shirt and showcase the way the product will appear if certain colors and options of selected. If you have a non-customizable product, you can still maximize the user engagement by having that product modeled and presented in interactive 360-degree rotation. The more you can encourage your viewer to click and interact with your page the more apt the person is to purchase your product.

3D Models in videos to help gain organic content

To build your SEO and SERPs it has been recommended that you build your organic content. Google and other search engine’s algorithms focus more on those sites which have had comments and shares from social media, outsiders (meaning that the site is not just keywords), reviews, etc. Of Course, having a mobile site is the first step in creating such content, but a close second is the video and image content. If it is shareable, then it is relative to your SERPs and organic content building. To make the content engaging try to use 3D models and animations to:

  • Showcase the use of the product.
  • Create something comical – as people love to share funny images.
  • Create a call to action.
  • Showcase your brand.
  • Create a discussion – If your site can create a debate without causing harm to your site then you should put it in your site, so long as it relates to your product or website’s overall content.

3D content to avoid

Where it is important that you have 3D elements in your site to encourage user engagement and interactions, there are a few areas where you want to avoid adding 3D elements as they tend to distract and put off the view from looking further into your site. Do not use 3D for your headers. It looks odd and it chops the page up too roughly. Instead use a bolder font and larger point settings to show that the text is a header. Do not use blinking and looping animations too much. You want your viewers to feel that they are part of the website, not that they are looking at a carnival. Too much animation and 3D does not come across as engaging but more along the lines of BOB’s Closeout Carnival.

Keep your page clean

Regardless of how you use your 3D models, the design and the content must play well together in order to raise the user engagement. A site that is too minimalistic will be seen as being a novice to whatever sector you are marketing to (unless of course the market is for extreme minimalism). Too much content and your site pushes the boundaries of being SPAMMY, or worse it crashes the person’s internet and quickly gets marked as a site to avoid.

Make your site simple, clean, and engaging by using graphics that enhance the contents of your page and can be shared, videos which build your branding, and a design that is unique to you.

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