3 Creative Ways To Make Your Coffee Packaging Design Stand Out

coffee packaging
Coffee is one of the most popular items on everyone’s grocery list. Consequently, there are hundreds of brands competing for superiority on the shelves. Coffee packaging design requires boldness, not just to attract customer’s attention but, to visually wake them up.  As a manufacturer of any product, the ultimate goal will be to design a product which is incomparable to all other market competitors. Coffee products are no different. Each week, new products are born, each pushing to be ahead of the others in retail sales, forcing brands to go the extra mile to successfully secure the so coveted front and eye-level store shelves. In this competitive market, it is easy enough to get lost in the crowd. Great packaging is just as important as the content itself; it goes a long way in ensuring that your product does not get relegated to the cobwebby back shelves. That said, here are three tips that can guide you in creating that perfect, unique packaging design.

Minimalism is Key

Even though your aim is to attract the customer’s eye, over stimulating their senses with too much information on your packaging can be quite a turn-of. A minimal design on packagings is more popular these days and this might help your brand stand out, for all its appearance of blandness. First, because customers get so bombarded with visual stimulations from other brands’ packaging, they often get so used to them they do not notice each individual brand’s difference or information. Your simple, minimalistic packaging will be sure to grab their attention. Also, embrace more environmentally friendly products. Recyclable and eco-friendly packages are popular options.

Think Outside the Package

For your package design, you could include details and designs which deviate from the norm. Add an extra touch of uniqueness to your product. Before a customer gets to the content itself, the package has to appeal to them. Make the container as rich as you have promised the content is.

Involve details or images on your product bag to win the favor of buyers.  For example, a photograph of coffee being poured into a cup, or the beans being poured into a bowl is considered more exciting than a stagnant illustration.

Showcase Your Product

creative ways for unique coffee packaging design
Going for a packet design that will not only attract potential customers and also give them a glimpse of what the actual product looks like, is a sure-fire way to get more buyers. A lot of brands include images of coffee beans on their packages but, take your package design a step further. Create a design that is clean and unique, playful, and also modern by listing the qualities of your coffee brand and add an extra element of uniqueness by including a package window which showcases the coffee beans. This shows transparency and honesty, building customer producer trust. When you go for digital printing flexible packaging for your products, you can keep transparant portion and also make the package look attractive to customers.

Although your packaging does not assure customers that your product is 100% the best in the market, it can still evoke feelings of wakefulness and alertness that coffee is known for. In more ways than one, what is on the outside is just as important as what is contained in the package. Ensuring a design which catches the customer’s eye is the first step to securing a sale.

The perfect packaging is one that is functional, attractive and mirrors what the product is all about.

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