4 Website Design Tips for Law Firms and Attorneys

web design tips for law firms and attorneys
We all know that the legal industry is both competitive and often ruthless. So, it’s never been more important for your legal firm to stand apart from others in this contentious market. The first thing that any potential client is going to notice about you and your firm is of course, your website. Your company website is the gateway to your business which means that it not only has to be user friendly with a professional touch, but it also has to highlight the skills and talents of you and your fellow legal experts. Whether you’re a pedestrian accident lawyer in Toronto or a firm that specialises in family law in Florida, your potential client must be able to see that you have the knowledge and the talent to win their case.

Creating an engaging website is a lot easier than it sounds. So, here you’ll find 4 website design tips for law firms and attorneys that will make you and your practice stand out for all the right reasons.


In order to build a reputation for trust and success, your law firm has to think like a brand. A well designed and ever consistent brand should instantly evoke a sense of familiarity and confidence both online and offline. Start by ensuring your company name and logo takes pride of place on the homepage of your website.

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Your website URL should be the name of your practice or legal firm, rather than using something more specific which could be misspelt, or not even considered by someone looking for a local law firm like – personalinjurylawyerbasedintoronto.com – these kinds of URLs look unprofessional and these days have no influence on your business rank on search engines. It’s always a good idea to display your location and what law you practice on your home page, so users know if they’re in the right place or not.

Make good use of colour

Think of a brand and you’ll instantly familiarise it with a colour. Apply the same logic to your own website and make good use of the colour palettes available to you. Think of the colours in your logo and use them throughout your website, on call to action buttons, in the background, in links etc. Be mindful of over saturation and the visibility of text on coloured backgrounds.

List your business on Google

This is free and will help generate hits and clicks. All you need to do is enter basic information and you’re a step closer to being found by a prospective client. The more information you input, the bigger the chances of your business being found in search results.

Share your testimonials

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Positive experiences and words from your clients should take pride of place on your website. It also gives other prospective clients confidence and assurance in your work. If clients see that you’ve previously won cases that are similar to theirs then they’re more likely to choose your services. You could dedicate an entire page to positive reviews and testimonials or have them displayed on your homepage.

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