Formwork: A Brief Cost Estimation Guide


Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials in the world. This material is used to build a wide array of buildings and structures. Concrete is used to build bridges, houses, businesses, and tunnels. To effectively build concrete structures, frames and molds must be used to contain the wet concrete until it cures completely.

What Is Formwork?

The molds and frames used to build concrete construction are essential. These frames and molds are referred to as Formwork. Concrete frames and molds can be made of multiple materials, including steel, wood, and some types of heavy-duty plastic. The strongest types of formwork are made of metal or wood.

The type of formwork used will depend on the project. Concrete molds must be strong enough to ensure they can hold the immense weight of the wet concrete. These forms and frames must not have any leaks and must not burst during the curing process.

Is Formwork Expensive?

The cost of concrete construction varies according to the complexity of the design. Some concrete structures are very simple and do not require expensive formwork molds. For some larger and more involved projects, the costs can increase. Construction companies must carefully budget for the production of these concrete molds. By researching, companies can learn about their options so they can choose the right one for their building project.

What Is the Cost of Formwork?

Cost is an important factor when considering concrete molds for large building projects. When the surfaces are horizontal, concrete molds are fairly inexpensive. Vertical concrete structures require more advanced forms and frames which can increase the expense exponentially.

The costs involved in purchasing concrete frames and molds include labor for design and construction, materials, and supplies. Special equipment will often be required on substantial concrete construction projects. Cranes, concrete pumps, and formwork specialists will be needed to complete the project.

Every Formwork Job Is Different

It is important companies realize every formwork project is going to be different. Even the simplest of concrete construction projects can end up costing more than expected which is why it is so important to take time in figuring the budget.

Each concrete construction job must be approached with a different plan that is based on the dynamics of the specific project. A concrete mold or frame that works with one concrete construction project is likely not to work well with another. Taking time to research the options and learn how these molds and frames work will help builders to avoid making mistakes that cause project costs to increase.

Choose the Right Formwork Today

The type of concrete mold and frame will determine the final costs of any concrete building project. After researching the different types, companies will be prepared to begin looking for the right formwork designer and builder to ensure they have the molds and frames that will be required for their next concrete building project. This process should never be rushed because not every designer and builder knows how to build formwork effectively.

The right formwork will remain durable and will not cause buckling in the concrete slabs. With the right molds and frames, concrete will not leak during the curing process, so the end result is pristine and in sound shape. When the right formwork is coupled with a highly trained crew, the results will look amazing for any concrete building project.

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