How Do You Create a Presentation Without a Designer’s Skills?

how to create presentation without designer skills
Presentations are inevitable in this modern society; they’re part and parcel of different facets of our lives including the academic and professional spheres. Owing to this, knowing how to create and deliver a great presentation is a skill that everyone ought to have. One of the most important things you should focus on when preparing to give an address is the proper use of slideshows when delivering your presentation. In order to do this effectively, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the techniques required to create amazing slides. However, this has proven to be a rather daunting task for many, especially beginners who may not have adequate designing skills.

Creating a presentation from scratch is a long and arduous process that requires utmost creativity and focus; even so, if you lack ample experience in the craft, there are other ways to go about creating an interesting slideshow. The use of templates, for instance, is a suitable option that inexperienced individuals can take advantage of. You can source these templates from various places on the internet and directly incorporate them into your presentation.

Effective Use of Templates

Using templates is a great way to create a stunning presentation without having to put too much time into designing each slide yourself. However, just because you have a cool presentation template doesn’t mean that you’ll deliver a successful presentation. Most of them are usually freeform and allow you to customize them as much as you want. This will give you a more personalized look instead of the generic one that came with the template. Here are some key things you should tweak in order to make your slide unique.

effective use of presentation templates


Having a balanced color palette in your presentation can do great wonders for it. You can incorporate the signature colors of the brand you’re representing or to match the subject of your presentation. In addition, ensure you place all the important texts in popping colors that complement each other so as to draw more attention to them.


Most templates usually come with default pictures that are used to showcase the template’s unique design. These images may not be relevant to your presentation; thus, you should look for suitable replacements. Still, whenever you’re choosing images to use in your presentation, ensure that they’re of high quality and complement each other. Low-quality and contradicting images can be extremely detrimental to a presentation, making all your efforts go down the drain.

Tips On Creating Exceptional Slides

Too many presentations are afflicted by a lack of creativity and poor planning. Therefore, it’s advisable that before you begin creating your slideshow, you should visualize how you want it to look. This’ll a go long way in helping you come up with original drafts that you can use as guidelines. Here are additional valuable tips you can utilize when creating your presentation.

Consistency is Paramount

When you analyze some of the top presentations, you’ll easily notice that they all tend to have a consistent format. The colors, fonts, font size, alignments, and faces should all be consistent throughout your slideshow with exceptions given to important information that should be highlighted. This makes your presentation look a lot more organized and professional.

lack creativity on presentation

Include Excellent Typography

Typography is the art of designing and arranging letters and characters on a surface. Most presentations end up becoming horrible because people pay very little attention to this crucial aspect. Ensure you consider the message you want to relay to your audience before deciding on which font size and type you want to use. With the numerous options available on many platforms, it’s quite easy to get carried away and end up choosing something that’s not compatible with your presentation.


When creating presentations, there are many elements that may be incorporated in a bid to make it memorable. While it’s a great thing to be as creative as possible when doing this, always keep in mind that your audience needs to be able to comprehend the information you’re displaying. Therefore, ensure that the pictures and animations you use don’t supersede the message you’re trying to pass. Avoid using imposing images and instead, go for the ones that can blend well with the information that’s on the foreground.


The only thing worse than sitting through a boring presentation is delivering one. Although it may be a tad difficult to create an interesting slideshow, making use of the tips provided above will surely help you have an easier time.

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