Is Grunge Style Going To Be Next Trend?

Recently i read a very interesting article on Smashing Magazine about the grunge trend that getting more adapt by web designer. The revolution of web trend is slowly showed from a year to another. I still rememeber when WEB20 style always come to discussion when talking about web or blog design.

Although the WEB20 style are just a geek word of simple and modern and glossy terms of web design style. nethertheless it is still a design trend way back in years but now the WEB20 styling are getting less and less usage in web/blog design, although it is used in many form of style but the style abuse are not overwhelmed compare to recent years.

The Definition Of Grunge Style/Trend

Following the Smashing Magazine terms of grunge style, the grunge element are something we called distress, dirt, distort patterns, something really nasty in visual but not something you would run away from 😀 you can called it a “realistic element” or “down to earth element”

A very good niche to used with grunge element would be a music portal and underground community portal, some personal blog/site

Here are some sample that taken from other source:

original screenshot from juxtinteractive by smashing magazine

original screenshot from darklightart by Smashing Magazine

Screenshot taken from dotcomedy

Personal Thought On The Grunge Style

Personally i love how the look and feel when visiting some of the sample site that had the grunge element, first maybe i’m a big fan of dark theme or dark design so i’m very comfortable when scanning the content.

In designer point of view, making or creating a grunge style design need a extensive knowledge on masking and photo manipulation, also the skills to make a believeable grunge edge without using too much grunge element in side edge, that is something i’m keen to learn in the future.

Finally, the grunge style will be more adapt by web designer (although the usage of grunge already been pratice by many designer) but it will showed it effect on web design community in the future..hopefully..i love the ruggert, dirt look ..hurrah 👿

More Resource Available About Grunge Style

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