Top 10 PSD Themes to Startup Your Website Development

top 10 psd themes to startup your website developmentPhotoshop Document files, also known as PSD files, make great themes for websites and blogs. That’s because they have multiple layers containing images and Photoshop-quality design. You can install a PSD theme on just about any web host, and have a professionally designed website up and running in no time. Take a look at these top 10 PSD themes to give your new website a creative and confident web presence.

1. SEO Rank

If your business is focused on SEO or web services then this is the perfect theme for you. SEO rank uses a layered PSD file to create a minimal, clean interface for your content. It’s based on 1170 grid, and makes use of free Google fonts to spare you any compatibility or licensing issues.

2. Perth

This premium PSD theme is simplistic and easy to use, but will give your site an instantly professional look. It has a flat design that uses large color blocks to create unity. Perth is great for call-to-action sites, and happens to be entirely free to use.

3. Fun Weather

This PSD theme is designed to be used a landing page. It works best on mobile apps and mobile versions of your site. Simply throw in a few lines of text and direct the site’s main button to your product or sales page. Fun Weather uses fair-pay pricing meaning you choose what you want to pay for the theme, much like a donation.

4. Hexal

Hexal is a powerful PSD theme that uses a unique honeycomb design to display your images and links. This theme would be a great platform for any tech or computer related businesses. Hexal has an impressive image slider and a top-anchored menu that looks great right out of the box. This theme is created using a unique color scheme that pairs white and black with green accents, though it’s easily editable for those with another color scheme in mind.

5. Textured PSD Design

This PSD theme has a brown, classic leather look that works great for literature or academia-related sites. It would also work well for any portfolio, as it has a clean image grid and scrolling design to display lots of content. All you need to use this theme is PSD capable web hosting and enough images and text to fill at least a page or two of content.

6. eCommerce Photoshop Document Template

This PSD theme is unique in that its contains a fully functional eCommerce system. No need to install a separate catalog for your products, as this theme does it all. If your web hosting allows PSD files then you’re good to go. Just add your inventory and get started making money with this free PSD theme.

7. Apptastico

The Apptastico PSD theme is versatile in design. It works well for websites, mobile apps and blogs. The logo and menu sit across from each other on the top of the site, leaving plenty of room for a large image slider or interactive content on the center of your page. It uses large, mobile-type buttons for a design intuitive to all smartphone users. Apptastico is a multi-layered PSD theme and can be edited with Photoshop CS6 or CC.

8. Notify

Notify is a free PSD theme that allows you to showcase any product or application. It uses a simple three-button design and has three vertical content areas. This theme works for call-to-action and demonstration websites. It’s highly editable and has a flat design so it will look good on any device.

9. Personal Blog by Themeforest

The Hexa Personal Blog PSD theme by Themeforest is a premium template that’s built for blogs and sites with lots of articles. It costs just $12 and has been tested to ensure a pixel-perfect design. It includes instructions for creating blog posts with text, audio, and video. The theme is designed on a 1170 pixel grid and can be used for high-resolution media.

10. Clean Portfolio

The Clean Portfolio PSD theme is a one-page template that shows off your best work. It uses grid-style thumbnails and image holders, and comes in two black and grey variations. This PSD theme is free to download and use. It contains header, portfolio and contact sections to get straight to the point. Since it’s not bogged down with extras, it will load fast on any device. Use this theme with PSD web hosting to create a simplistic, minimal portfolio that puts your work in the center of attention.

These themes work great on a whole range of websites and blogs, and lend an artistic platform to your content that no other theme-type can. PSD themes are gaining in popularity for personal and business websites alike. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop on your local machine, consider purchasing an inexpensive monthly subscription the Photoshop CC cloud version if you need to edit these themes, otherwise they are ready to breathe life into your web content.

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