Top 10 Tricks to Make a Logo Online

top 10 tricks to make logo online
So you’re getting ready to start your logo design process? It sounds easy, right? Well, that’s wrong. Your logo is a big part of your brand identity and you want it to convey a message while having good impact. For company growth it is necessary that the logo you are creating is eye catching, unique and looks interesting. You will find that there are many ways to achieve some of these however we have prepared a list of some tricks that you can use when it comes to logo design.

1. Research and analyze your industry

Before you get started with designing, you should conduct an extensive research about the goals of your company. You should also analyze the industry and your competitors so that you can understand how to reach certain goals and customers.

The brand concept you create should be a reflection of your values, it will serve the purpose of giving an identity.

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2. Know your brand

Before you get worried about how your customers are going to perceive your brand, you need to analyze from the inside out. Meaning that you should look to get to know how you are planning to develop your brand. If you don’t understand your brand, customers won’t understand also. It will be difficult to create a logo which has a blurry brand behind it.

3. Get started without colour

Once you start designing, it’s very important you don’t get started working with colour from the start. First, selecting the right colour palette can be overwhelming, since there are a lot of possibilities.

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Also, you shouldn’t forget that your logo should be versatile enough to fit black and white! This is why we advise you to always start the design in black and white, and then move into colour.

4. Meaningful use of colour

If you’re going to opt for using colours, then do it right! Try your best to grab people’s attention. But, at the same time, don’t forget that colours should speak about your brand identity. Pay attention to each colour’s meaning and emotion behind it. There is a science behind colours and you should definitely be aware of.

5. Proportion and symmetry

Whenever you’re talking about proportion and symmetry it’s easy to get carried away. There is a reason why this is one of the fundamentals in Design. If you want to create something you should find a balance between proportion and symmetry with consistent curves and arcs.

6. Negative space

The use of negative space is very subtle and smart. If you’re going to use negative space try to make good use of it, don’t just make it because you think it’s cool. It should send a message to the customer, while also being a fun design trick.

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7. Pick your typeface

You definitely don’t want to use Comic Sans on your logo. There are some typefaces that can be used and work well however, you should always try to understand what works best on your business name. One of the concerns that should always be addressed is the readability of your logo font, don’t forget to test on smaller screens to understand how customers will perceive it.

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8. Avoid cliché

Like everything else, in logo design, there are always some new trends that come every few years. You shouldn’t be afraid of them but you shouldn’t jump on it blindly just because everyone else is doing it. As you might have noticed, it can get annoying when every brand has the same cliché on its logo.

Some trends can stick for a long time while some remain as a temporary craze. It is understandable to keep your logo updated through time, however, don’t rely entirely on trends as it can become dated very fast.

9. Adaptable Logo for anywhere

Scalability plays such a big role when it comes to designing a logo. You should understand that you will be adding your logo to promotional items in both digital and print, so your logo should work for all different sizes.

The responsiveness of your logo design will also be very important, meaning how your logo adapts or changes at different sizes and orientations. Some logos even animate, so this can be a fun trick you could keep in mind when designing your logo.

You will have to check if your logo looks good in every possible and relevant format for both traditional and digital branding. For that reason, you should test your logo in small and large formats and create different versions of your logo design.

10. Timeless design

If you’re going to be spending so much time designing a logo then you should try your best to make sure that you won’t be redesigning your logo in the near future. Opt for simple design which is timeless. It’s going to save you a ton of time and money.

Also, don’t forget customers are not always the biggest fans of rebrandings, so don’t forget to pay attention when first creating your logo design.


If your goal is to create a professional logo design, then make sure that you know your brand first! Your logo should stand out from the rest of the competition. Never forget that it should be versatile and scalable. After all of this, you should be more than ready to create your logo. You can find a logo that meets all these requirements at Logo Bot.

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