How An Online Course in Construction Business Administration & Bookkeeping Can Benefit You

how online course in construction business administration bookkeeping can benefit you
As a significant driver of the Australian economy, the construction industry remains one of the government’s national economic priorities, allowing construction to be classified as an essential service even in the midst of a global pandemic. As a result, while other countries opted to halt projects and shut down construction sites, Australia’s construction sector remains resilient in the midst of major global shifts; most construction sites continued to operate and enforce strict protocols to protect employee health and wellbeing, whilst working to support this sector.

Indeed, with the construction industry continuing to be one of the country’s chief economic contributors — producing around 9% of Australia’s GDP and generating over $360 billion in annual revenue — it’s no surprise the government has introduced extensive measures to protect this sector. Through stimulus packages and building grants, stability and security have remained key concerns throughout the impact of COVID-19.

Yet what does a career in this industry look like, specifically? And what are the benefits of pursuing this occupation?

Sector Resilience Amidst COVID-19

As one of the government’s key priority sectors, working in construction, especially within the critical roles of construction business administration & bookkeeping, may provide you with a greater sense of job security compared to working in other “non-essential” services and businesses.

Construction business administration & bookkeeping, in particular, are integral aspects of the industry, with most of the sector comprising Australian-owned sole traders or small businesses whose success (or failure) hinges largely upon effective business administration. In other words, there will likely always be a high demand for individuals with these skills and abilities.

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What is Construction Business Administration & Bookkeeping?

Construction business administration encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, depending on the size and nature of the company. In general, construction business administration relates to the day-to-day management of a construction firm and includes financial planning, business analysis, diary management, operations and logistics, and marketing.

what is construction business administration bookkeeping
Construction bookkeeping is equally critical to smooth operations, as it is a uniquely specialised form of accounting and financial management that requires knowledge of industry-specific regulations and terminology. It also requires an understanding of the project-driven nature of construction businesses, which often involves scattered production and variable contract lengths.

Taking a Construction Business Administration & Bookkeeping Course Online

If you are looking to secure a critical role within the business side of the construction industry, mastering these two key support functions of administration and bookkeeping is essential. With distance and online learning opportunities on the rise, taking a construction business administration & bookkeeping course online is a great place to start. But what is a construction business administration & bookkeeping course, and what does it generally entail?

A high quality online course will involve a comprehensive overview of the industry, designed to familiarise students with the sector, and will typically concentrate on a specific sub-sector project such as roofing or building renovation. Specialised online courses will also cover the foundations of administration & bookkeeping, enabling students to develop a comprehensive understanding of these key skills by the conclusion of their training.

Benefit 1: Leveraging Technology

Opting to take an online course in construction business administration & bookkeeping can not only allow you to leverage the benefits of technology, but also means you have the potential to save money (as online courses are significantly less expensive than their on-campus counterparts).

In particular, students gain an edge by familiarising themselves with the dynamics of remote working and using web-based systems through online learning. As business administration & bookkeeping services are shifting towards cloud-based management systems, you will have already acquired the necessary skills and system mastery through your online studies.

Benefit 2: Personalisation & Flexibility

With 24/7 access to courses, online learning empowers students to create a highly-personalised learning experience structured around their own activities and lifestyles, allowing them to juggle both personal and professional responsibilities whilst upskilling online. Furthermore, according to Illinois online that through online courses you will often have better one-on-one access to your tutors, with reputable and established learning platforms offering dedicated tutor support via phone and email during the week.

online courses better one on one access to tutors

Benefit 3: Specialisation

Because the construction business is subject to specific regulations, it’s important you have access to a specialised education that’s grounded in industry practices. Unlike on-campus course options, which are often limited in range due to location, department budgets, or access to available subject matter experts, online learning platforms allow a wide range of course topics to be covered, with modules built from the ground up by leading field experts. This means that you can achieve certifications in highly specialised courses – such as construction business administration & bookkeeping – regardless of your location, enabling you to get a headstart in the industry wherever and whenever you like.

With promising employment projections of up to 113,700 through to 2024, Australia’s construction industry is a practical sector to consider establishing your career in, especially within its ever-critical support services. Business administration & bookkeeping are two of the sector’s most important internal support functions, and starting a career in these roles through online learning is more attractive now than ever before.

Final summary

While traditional on-campus institutions make the slow transition to online learning, you now know where to pursue construction business administration & bookkeeping courses through Australia’s top private online education providers. With full tutor support, flexible training formats and key industry education, this can be the first step to achieving a fulfilling and rewarding career in an ever-evolving sector.

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