What Are Your Career Prospects if You Study IT at College?

what-are-your-career-prospects-if-you-study-it-at-collegeInformation Technology (IT) continues to play an important role in any business, which is why employers the world over are continually on the lookout for well qualified individuals who can add quality to their organization. If you want to have a successful career in IT then you need to ensure you have the relevant qualifications and that you keep up to date with the latest technical information.

Training provider Upskilled works with industry to ensure it offers courses which bestow the necessary skills on students. It is important to ensure that the field of study undertaken matches the requirements of jobs in the real world. If you study for any of the qualifications on offer you may be wondering what you can expect from a career in IT. Here is a selection of jobs that may be available to you.

Applications developer

The job of an applications developer is to take software requirements and translate them into programming code that works, developing programs that businesses can use. Most of the time application developers specialize in a particular area such as mobile applications, graphics software or office solutions. Depending on the requirements applications (apps) may need to be written across a number of different platforms. As you can imagine app developers are employed in a number of different sectors including finance and the public sector.

Job responsibilities can include:

  • Establishing program requirements.
  • Working as part of a project team.
  • Recognizing potential issues and devising solutions.
  • Combining program design elements and carrying out tests.
  • Installing programs into production.

The average salary for an app developer is around AU$67K with top rates usually hovering at around the AU$90K mark.

Database administrator

As you may suspect, a database administrator is tasked with looking after a database; making sure that it is secure and performs as it should. Administrators are also involved in planning and creating databases and dealing with any problems that users of a database may have. Database administrators make sure that the content in a database is consistent, is held in a manner that suits requirements and is clearly defined.

Job responsibilities can include:

  • Establishing database user requirements.
  • Development of databases.
  • Monitoring of database performance.
  • Maintaining the standard of the data.
  • Controlling access to databases.

The average salary for a database administrator is around AU$71K with top rates of around AU$104K.

Information Security Specialist

The role of an Information Security Specialist is often an interesting one. Their job is to look at security breaches and when and why they occurred, and to strengthen the security of IT systems. As you can imagine, Information Security Specialists are employed across a myriad of sectors including government, banking and defense.

Job responsibilities can include:

  • Analyzing potential risks to IT security.
  • Working with management to put secure systems in place.
  • Working as an ethical hacker to test systems for security issues.
  • Carrying out forensic analysis
  • Providing evidence in regard to computer crimes.

The average salary for an Information Security Specialist is around AU$77K with top rates of pay being around AU$126K.

Web Designer

The job of a Web Designer is to create the content and code for web pages so that they perform to the needs of the customer. This role is not just technical but also creative as Web Designers create all aspects of the site. They may also take responsibility for maintaining the site on an ongoing basis. The difference between this and web development is that developers tend to concentrate on the back end development of a website.

Job responsibilities can include:

  • Identifying client requirements.
  • Registering domain names and organizing the hosting of the website.
  • Designing a sample layout.
  • Gaining client agreement to ideas.
  • Coding the site using a variety of software.
  • Search Engine Optimization.

The average salary for a Web Designer is around AU$51K with top salaries of around AU$71K.

This is only a sample of the roles which may be available to you if you study IT. Professional and qualifies people are much sought after across all industry sectors.

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