Mesocolumn v1.6.5 Released – Now with Customizer Supported

Ever since requires theme authors to use the customizer to build theme options. The mesocolumn theme’s updates and development had been on hold for a while, well, last updates were around last year, February 2015. There’s lot of tweaking to do so that the theme will pass the theme submission guideline, especially the conversion of theme options into WordPress built-in customizer API settings.

Although i am still provide consistent support in theme forums, i’ve been eager to update the theme with new Customizer API setting. So today, i’m releasing the latest version of the Mesocolumn theme version 1.6.5 with customizer support for more faster and easier theme customization.

Here are some feature updates

Customizer now supported, theme option removed

Google web font listing updated

Category color and Page color now on their own setting and edit page

Optimize markup for posts and breadcrumbs
*can be disable if using other plugin

Dropdown select when in mobile replaced with custom Mobile Menu

Further Changelog for version 1.6.5

[list type=”check”]

  • tested with WordPress 4.4.1
  • tested with PHP7 and reconstruct custom functions
  • customizer now fully supported
  • updated Google web fonts listing
  • remove theme options. now using customizer api setting
  • remove category color options. now on posts->category or taxonomy->edit category color
  • remove page color options. now on edit page->page color option
  • remove get_theme_option(), using faster setting query with get_theme_mod()
  • remove ‘sidebar banner setting’ in new customizer setting
  • remove dropdown mobile menu and added new mobile custom menu
  • fixed image alt did not follow image alt text options in media setting
  • fixed post author link with space in url
  • fixed homepage featured category messed up if slider did not show up
  • fixed top header advertisement shortcode issue
  • new option for text count in homepage featured category
  • new option to enable and disable first image grab for featured thumbnails
  • new option separating article and breadcrumb schema options
  • new custom post type multi widget
  • new faq.txt
  • more hooks added for easier child theme customization


Want to try out the latest version? Download and Preview v1.6.5 of Mesocolumn WordPress BuddyPress theme here.

Frequent Ask Questions

Will my theme option, category color and page color removed once updated?
No, it won’t, if you already had options, category and page color saved. When updating the theme, it will initialize the import of old options into new customizer API settings. Although you might want to check some new options added and re-save customizer settings.

For more tips and faq, please read the faq.txt inside the mesocolumn theme folder.

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