What Are The Best Online Certification Courses In Australia?

best online certification courses in australia
Have you been thinking about finishing your education and going back to school? Or you may want to build on your existing college education with an advanced degree that can help improve your professional prospects.

How about enrolling in an online certification program?

Online diploma and certificate programs offer an excellent opportunity for students to learn practical skills conveniently and cost-effectively. Not to mention, these courses are an excellent substitute for classes at a conventional college or university.

Additionally, you can find online certificate courses for multiple skill levels, which is great because no matter where on the professional ladder you may be, there’s always more to learn and practice.

The good news is that there are hundreds of Online certificate courses in Australia for all niches and industries, so it should be easy for you to find one.

According to Statista, the online education market in Australia grew by 8.5% from 2015 to 2020. This means that an online education model is a feasible option for locals who want to study and grow at their own pace.

Here we have selected the absolute best online courses from the lot to make the choice a lot easier for you.

Improve Your Skills With Australia’s Best Online Certification Courses

The recent trend of enhancing your abilities and exploring your talents as a professional can have some fantastic results for your business, and the right course allows you to do all that and a lot more.

Here’s a guide to some of the best online certificate programs and the career benefits they provide in the long run.

Online Accounting Course

online accounting course
The right online accounting course can help you refresh your knowledge of the best practices in personal and business bookkeeping.

Whether you want to learn how to analyse financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements or require an in-depth education on topics like corporate accounting and personal debt management –  you can find an online certification to help you achieve your goals.

These online accounting certifications can be a fruitful choice considering the growing demand for accountants in the job market.

After all, accounting is considered the ‘language of business’ as it helps measure, collect, and communicate financial data in a language that’s easy for people to understand and interpret. When you learn how to classify and quantify costs, revenues, assets, liabilities, and losses, you become an expert at figuring out the financial health of an organization.

This skill doesn’t just help you be a good accountant, but overall a good businessperson, investor, and employee as well.

To enter the world of accounting, certificate IV in accounting, and bookkeeping can be your best bet for learning the necessary skills you need in the financial services sector. It is a comprehensive accounting course that prepares you for payroll management, bookkeeping principles, and operation budgets.

Learn Business Administration Online

Learning about how businesses are run is a fantastic way to advance your career without committing to a full time degree. Additionally, taking business courses online is a convenient way to gain a plethora of new skills that lend themselves well to pretty much any career out there.

You can expect to enhance your communication skills, improve your analytical and critical thinking while also developing staff management, decision making, and problem-solving abilities. All in all, these courses can give you a strong understanding of the way businesses operate and how you can make them even more efficient.

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Of course, the learning you experience can vary from program to program, we suggest getting started with Certificate III in Business Administration.

This course will impart the knowledge you require to work in various entry-level roles. You’ll also learn how to prepare business spreadsheets, process payrolls, handle customers, create presentations, and maintain business resources.

However, if you’d like to learn more advanced business administration skills, opt for certificate IV to help you build a foundational skill set. This certificate course can assist you in finding a job as a supervisor, project assistant, and even an office manager.

Online Project Management Courses

Whether you are an ‘accidental’ project manager with some experience of working on projects, or a qualified project manager with 3 to 5 years of experience – the right online certification can help you brush up on essential skills that make you competent and credible in your field.

online project management courses
Professional education in this niche is important because it can teach skills and techniques that can help you deliver projects on time, using only the budget and resources available.

However, all that is usually easier said than done. That’s why it is essential to learn the necessary skills that can give you an edge over others in your team and ensure that you know how to identify the right project milestones, estimate costs, analyse possible risks, and identify any challenges in your way as you achieve your goals.

There is a precise method to success in project management, and if you can learn it, you’ll be able to deliver a wide range of project outcomes to the surprise and delight of your seniors.

To begin with, explore Certificate IV in Project Management Practice; this is one of the leading online certification courses, offering knowledge of skills you require to manage a project from its inception to completion. You will learn time management tactics, workplace policies implementation strategies, cost management techniques, effective project communication, and so much more.

Professional Leadership And Management Certifications

Leadership and management are coveted skills that can help you move up the corporate ladder if properly utilized.

Interestingly enough, leaders and managers aren’t necessarily born, but they can be made. And an appropriate online certification can help you explore the abilities of leadership and management within yourself.

Learning these C-suite executive-level skills will help you understand that they are both very different from each other – even though the words management and leadership are often used interchangeably.

Managers look over critical decision-making and day-to-day operations across their unit. They set the goals and supervise the successful execution of plans they set in motion to achieve said goals.

Leaders, on the other hand, are all about their team members and staff. They motivate, coach, and mentor their teams to success – ensuring that everyone feels satisfied in their roles and achieves their personal and professional goals.

So, in essence, both these abilities are essential for your success in a professional setting, and luckily you can find leadership and management certifications with Australia’s leading online training providers.

If you have just stepped into a leadership role, go for certificate IV that will help you build the confidence to influence others, and develop exceptional management skills. This course will give you an in-depth understanding of communication and teach you ways to be a better communicator so you can motivate your teams and tap into their fullest potential.

It will help you figure out the importance of leadership principles and how you can build a healthy work culture. Moreover, you will learn about all the ways you can induce quality innovation in your team to execute complex projects.

Human Resources Certifications

HR professionals are valued today due to the strategic support they provide in critical situations. Online human resource certifications can be a great additional skill in your arsenal if you already have a career in business administration or project management.

Today’s fluid workforce culture requires a highly skilled HR professional who can keep up with the tide of times, and online HR certification programs can help you become just that.

human resources certifications
To gain a head start in this career path, you can enrol in the Certificate IV course. This course will help you effectively execute all human resource functions. This includes recruitments and training, workplace health and safety, remuneration, performance management, and facilitation of positive workplace relationships.

By gaining this certificate, you will be able to land a role as a human resource administrator, co-ordinator, or an officer depending upon the knowledge you retained throughout the course.


If you are a graduate student looking for a professional certificate course to learn new skills or a professional seeking to improve your skill set and embellish your resume, certified online courses across Australia can help you achieve your goals.

If you want to study online courses in Australia in any of the interest areas that we mentioned above, head over to MCI Institute to learn from the best online certificate courses in Australia.

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