Must Have Apps And Websites For Students In 2019

must have apps and websites for students 2019
Although obtaining education has always been considered a tedious, stressful, and challenging process, today, many people admit that modern students have it easy. It is hard to argue with this statement because the 21st century has really changed the game! It has given students enough tools for smart and effortless studying. Now, all the information is right at your fingertips, which has significantly broadened the horizons and given the modern students better perspectives. However, for greater academic success, it is vital to know how to make the most of the opportunities presented to you. By saying this, we mean taking the chances to simplify your studies with the help of efficient tools.

Student’s Hot List: Top Tools For Efficient Studying

Along with the growing accessibility of information and educational materials, technological progress has given us a handful of online tools that make studying simple as never. Thus, it is important to take benefit of the available tools! Bellow, we have gathered the most convenient and effective applications and sites that will help students reach their academic goals with ease!

1. TED

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Without a doubt, the modern programs used across different educational facilities focus on providing students with the theoretical and practical skills they need most for building a successful career and life in general. This is one of those reasons why education is important. However, it is not less important to emphasize the role of self-education in college! Teachers and books can only give you the base, but whether to stop there or to ramp up that knowledge further is only on your responsibility. If you choose the second path (which is the smartest one, by the way), there is no way you can do without TED! This service provides a huge range of materials and ideas for empowering the process of self-education! Besides, it is very motivational!

2. EssayPro

We know that academic assignments, and especially writing, is among the major challenges faced by students. Such tasks can be a difficult endeavor for many young people and especially for those who lack writing skills and talent. Not to mention how much time and energy these assignments take. Luckily, there are some quick and simple but yet effective solutions! EssayPro is among the best platforms that deliver custom assistance to students of all academic levels and majors. This website is your life-saving ticket whenever you are running low on time or have troubles performing a specific task. Here, you can order any type of paper and get it written by a professional writer with an MA or Ph.D. degree. Besides, soon, they will be launching a mobile app, which will make high-quality help even more accessible! Learn more from the official website of this service.

3. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

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If we would ask how many of you have ever missed an important meeting, class, exam, or any other even because you overslept, we bet that everyone will give a positive answer. This happens to each of us at a certain point, and it can be rather disappointing to miss something important just because you couldn’t hear an alarm. Luckily, there are such tools as Alarmy. It is one of the best alarm apps out there because it is so annoying that it is barely possible to sleep through it! We believe that every student will find it extremely handy, especially in anticipation of an important event!

4. SelfControl

Everyone should agree that along with a bunch of handy tools, the Internet has also given us quite many distractions. Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to focus on chores and studying, when it is so tempting to check out what’s new is going on Facebook or Instagram. For many students, this kind of distraction turns out to be a real productivity problem. However, this will change if you use SelfControl! This is one of the most convenient applications for Mac that block distracting resources. It is free of charge, and it really can give you the necessary productivity boost, so make sure to give it a try!

5. BenchPrep

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Studying for the finals? Then this interactive tool is a must-have for you! BenchPrep takes studying for different exams to an entirely new level. This smart tool has a huge pool of high-quality prep courses for different tests and exams. It provides all the needed materials with handy tips, lessons, flashcards, and practice questions. One of its biggest benefits is versatility. BenchPrep allows students to learn at any time and anywhere. It synchronizes across all operating systems and devices, which makes studying for tests possible even on the go!

Final Words

Each of these tools is a must-have for a college student. They focus on enhancing your skills, meanwhile making the learning process smarter and more productive. Thus, do not neglect to adopt these tools to make studying painless. We guarantee that even the most diligent students will find these apps and sites useful for keeping them going!

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