Writing Tips: What Makes a Good Dissertation

How to write a good dissertation, if you have never done this before? This is a common problem for every student who has ever graduated. Writing a dissertation is something you have never practiced doing before, but what you should be able to do greatly for the very first time. Sounds crazy, but true. What we’re going to talk about is writing a dissertation in a way to make it as good as possible for a student who has never done it. What are you expected to produce to get the highest grade? And what should you achieve via your writing?

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Well, a dissertation is not a typical writing we all used to do on a daily basis. It is a significant piece of independent research that you have to do at the end of the university life. In fact, it is probably the most difficult writing task you’re going to get from your professors. The hardest aspect of any dissertation is that it is built upon everything you’ve learned so far and all the skills you’ve acquired till this moment. And that’s where the problems begin. For many students, it is extremely difficult to organize both their knowledge and skills in one paper in a logical way. Here you have two ways to follow – whether you write everything by yourself or you apply to a professional custom writing service to get a qualified help from real writers. You can choose whatever you want or even combine those two together. What we recommend is to try to write a dissertation by yourself, amplifying it with a professional help from the experts.

Everything You Need to Know for a Great Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is an ability to put forward the knowledge, the skills, and the arguments, defending, discussing, and concluding it in one writing only. It should be focused on a single topic, which is related to what you’ve learned and done over the time in the university. It is that piece of writing, which shows that you can learn, think, and write about what you get to know during the whole education process.

You are expected to create an independent, original, and reflective piece of work. In your writing, you have to discuss the problems you face as a researcher, identifying the limitations to your study. So, any dissertation paper should be based on:

  • Independent thinking;
  • Research;
  • And critical analysis of the research itself.

You need to collect and analyze the data. It can be anything from questionnaires and interviews to observations and reports. A traditional dissertation consists of five chapters, which are an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusions. Each of these parts is equally important for the whole writing. They research the aims and the questions of your topic, cover the theoretical concepts, approaches, methods, techniques, data analysis, statistical information, and so on.

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Seven Dissertation Writing Tips

  1. First of all, find the topic which you love and care about enough to be ready to work on it for a long period of time;
  2. Secondly, start working on your dissertation as early as possible. Try to think over your future topic from the very beginning of the educational process, collecting useful information step-by-step;
  3. Consider getting an original research to study the topic from different points of view with different methodologies and techniques;
  4. Make a note about every concept or term, which you’re not familiar with, but which concerns your dissertation topic in some way;
  5. Learn all you can about possible research methods in your discipline before using them for your writing;
  6. During the research process, work on each of the issues covered in your work. Be open-minded and as objective and independent as possible when it comes to evaluating the viewpoints, which are opposite to yours;
  7. Create clear and specific arguments, directly addressing them to the certain points of view.

Among the most important things to pay attention to when writing a dissertation is the clarity of the question and a well-defined research problem you’re going to carry through the whole writing. It should be based on the relevant literature and be well-written in terms of formats and standards. Don’t forget about the logical sequence, making just the content of it. It is all about how your dissertation is written and your academic thought is expressed through sentences and words.

And the last but not the least is to not underestimate how big your topic is and how much time will your work take. Always take enough time to prepare and complete the assignment. Plan ahead and organize – this is the key to your writing success.

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