Four Ways to Have a Break at Work

4 top tips for unwinding during breaks at work
The working day can be tough for anyone, from the employer and line managers to office staff and janitors. With to-do lists seeming to be expanding on an hourly basis and email inboxes filling up by the minute, it’s easy to understand how a lot of people can become overwhelmed during the working day. To help you to remain fresh and be ready for whatever challenges lie ahead, it’s important to incorporate breaks into your working day. To give you some ideas, here are four tips for unwinding on your breaks at work.

1. Chat over coffee

Perhaps the most basic form of taking a break at work is the classic water cooler chat with a colleague. This provides an opportunity to get away from your desk and catch up with a colleague by sharing non-work-related news. You could upgrade this by introducing mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee runs, the times of the day between meal times when energy starts to drop. Each member of the office could take it in turns to make the coffee, and you could even invest in a fancy coffee machine to make the experience that bit more special. The combination of caffeine and a short break is sure to fuel you and your colleagues for the next hour of work.

2. Play a game

Playing a short game with your colleagues has the benefit of focusing your mind on something other than work and can also help to relieve tension by sharing something fun. You could, for instance, visit to play a short game of online bingo. Or you could keep a stash of traditional board games such as Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly for a fun game fix away from the computer screen. A few rounds of a game will have you returning to your desk mentally refreshed and in a positive mood.

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3. Make sure you take your lunch break

If you have a heavy workload that you have to get through before finishing for the day, it can be tempting to simply knuckle down to your work without stopping for lunch, instead of wolfing down a supermarket sandwich at your desk, or perhaps skipping lunch altogether. However, doing this on a regular basis could leave you feeling mentally and physically overwhelmed. Make sure you take at least half an hour away from your work to get lunch. You could recharge your mind by reading a magazine or listening to a calming playlist, and prepare yourself a tasty meal using brain-boosting ingredients that you will be excited to eat.

4. Do some exercise

A heavy workload can also result in you staying seated at your desk for the majority of the working day. Try introducing some stretching exercises that you can do at your desk to help your muscles after hours hunched at the computer. Additionally, try and leave the office for a 10-minute walk during your lunchbreak – the fresh air and time away from your desk will help to refresh you.

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