The Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

the best programming languages for mobile app development
Are you thinking of creating your first mobile app?

Well, there are dozens of things to choose among – frameworks, tools, SDKs, and programming languages. However, the most important is picking your programming language. That’s so because it is not possible to develop every type of mobile app using one programming language. Your programming language largely depends on the category of mobile apps i.e., native or hybrid, with further sub-categories. Custom software development requires you to have minimal knowledge in this area.

Here, we are going to breakdown the best programming languages for mobile app development to make it easier for you:

Programming Languages for Android App Development

Android apps run on all the devices and systems that use Android OS. These are the most popular and most developed mobile apps. There is a wide array of programming languages for android app development. The most significant ones used by custom software development company FortySeven47 include:


Java has a big name in app development. Since the official Android launch in 2008, Java has been regarded as its basic and fundamental development language. Being an object-oriented language, it can handle the complex modern needs and trends of app development.

Some of the best Android apps use Java, such as Spotify, Twitter, etc. It allows quick learning with its simple syntax. So, you can get started with it right away!


Ever since Google acknowledged Kotlin as 100% efficient language for Android app development, it has become increasingly popular. It combines modern complexities with traditional simplicity to deliver the best.

Being open-source, it can be easily learned and used on different platforms. With such a wide community, you need not worry about running into any problems.

Programming Languages for iOS App Development

iphone app ios development

When it comes to iOS app development, remember that these apps will only run on Apple devices. Also, you need to sign up as an Apple Developer and install Xcode IDE. Now, here are two programming languages for iOS app development:


This was the very first programming language supported by Apple to let developers create iOS apps. It is an object-oriented language and comes with the syntax of C language. So if you are already familiar with C, learning Objective-C won’t be a big challenge.


Swift came to the scene only 6 years back. However, it has gained immense popularity, given the ease of learning and its developer-friendly nature. For any modern iOS app, Swift is the best option.

Programming Languages for Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are the ones that can run on both Android and iOS devices. The most common language to develop hybrid apps is:

React Native

Using the JavaScript framework, React Native is one of the most robust programming languages. Various popular apps such as Uber have been developed using React Native.

react native for hybrid app development
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It comes with an open-source with many pre-built components and so, is extremely fun and creative.


Now that you know the best programming languages for mobile app development, you are good to master the ones you want. As long as you have a great command of the language, you can develop an amazing mobile app.

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