Advantages of Making Money Online

advantages of making money onlineThe online world has its advantages and disadvantages, just as any other aspect of the world does, but one particular area where it shows decided advantages is in the area of making money. One particular advantage is that it does not require much effort on the part of the person trying to make money, all they need is a computer and an internet connection. Another advantage is that the online world is open to everyone, regardless of their skillset.

List of Possible Options for Online Money Making

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency is what is known as encrypted, decentralized digital currency. It is used in a process known as mining, which is transferal of currency between two or more people, all of which is noted in a public ledger. A public ledger is something which is open to public viewing, where everyone can see the transactions that are made – the names of the various people involved are encrypted, of course, to give some measure of privacy to those people involved.


Possibly the biggest advantage to using cryptocurrency is that it is difficult to perpetuate fraud while using it, at least in the same way as when real money is in the discussion. Another advantage lies in the quickness which is inherent in using cryptocurrency – rather than needing to rely on third parties whenever things need to be done (as happens with so many purchases in the real world), cryptocurrency can be used to finish any deals on their own.


Of course, cryptocurrencies come with many disadvantages, some because they are relatively new innovations, and some because they exist generally. The main disadvantages is that cryptocurrencies, as a new technology, are difficult to use, most people do not understand them as yet, and therefore are not skilled in proper usage. Because it is a new system, cryptocurrency has caused a lot of disruption both because few people know how to properly use it, and because the system itself is new.

Academic Writing Companies

Custom essay writing companies are becoming more and more known as the internet grows and makes its way into more and more of everyday life. These sites range from small to absolutely huge, but they all offer the same thing: the chance to have papers written (or edited) for people in academia and business, so that the work is done without them needing to do it. Academic writing companies


There are a number of advantages to being part of and owning a custom essay writing company – the main one being that this area of business is one which is seeing a lot of expansion due to the increased digitalisation of society. Another advantage is the ever-growing educational field – with so many people taking courses, and therefore potentially needing help from academic writing services in various ways. Finally, in this day and age there is an ever-growing pool of potential employees.


The major disadvantage to running academic writing services is that their position is somewhat tenuous. Many academic institutions see the services offered by academic writing services as cheating and plagiarism, and will take action based on those beliefs. This means that anybody who uses the service runs the risk of losing their educational opportunities, something which can have a knock-on effect on the clients and the demand for the business as a whole, causing it to decrease dramatically.

Content Production Services

Content production services are external services which produce content for businesses which are specifically focused on marketing and digital content production. These services normally take the form of short items of ‘copy’ which individual writers can take on as and when they see fit. Some services offer to keep specific writers doing work for specific businesses, if they like what was written, while others allow the writers access to the business profiles themselves, allowing them to choose for themselves.


Running a content production service has the advantage of being at the forefront of content production, particularly as more and more businesses are growing wise to the need for internet and digital marketing in all its forms. The main advantage in this is that for the moment at least, business can only increase as more people use it – either because the business in question does not have the ability to do such work themselves, or because they do not want to retain staff specifically for marketing purposes.


However, the disadvantages for owning content production companies is that the very nature of these services, and the way in which the need for them has grown exponentially over the recent past, is the very thing which may curtail the need for the service. Content production services are only of use so long as people are going to be looking outside their own place of business for as long as they don’t have people within it who have the appropriate skills.

Freelance Coding

Freelance coding is something which is offered by freelancers to whoever might need any coding work done, particularly if they do not normally retain a programmer of any kind. Coding can be done in any of the various languages which are available to all programmers. Freelance coding is something which can involve any kind of project, from small to large. Similarly it can involve the work of a day, or work done over a much longer period of time.


Owning a freelance coding business has one major advantage – it means that you can choose to work on a variety of different coding projects according to your interests, as well as what you are essentially good at. Being able to tailor your own calendar gives you a lot of control over your own schedule and the projects which you take on, is something which would allow you to control your own business to a large extent, and also help to build your skills in the manner you wanted.


A disadvantage to being a freelance coder or owning that kind of company is that it can be quite difficult to get started in the business in the first place. People who need coding done are more likely to go for experience, leaving someone who has just started out in a bind. Another problem is that as the digital world has grown, so has the number of people who have grown up with the new systems, leaving more people able to handle the coding and formatting that might come up in the course of a business day, leading to less demand for freelance coders.

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