5 Ways You Can Personalise Desk Space

5 ways you can personalise desk space
When you spend hours at a desk every day, it can start to feel a little on the dull side. While you might have a stunning grey computer desk that suits the décor of the office perfectly, injecting your personality into the desk space can help to improve your morale throughout the day and make things just that little bit more fun. From quirky stationary and a good organiser, to a personalised screensaver, a desk plant and a personal picture or two, here are five ways you can personalise your desk space.

Quirky Stationary

A funny notebook, colourful pens or frankly any stationary you’ve collected along the way can be a great way to inject some of your personality into your office space. Bright colours can also help to keep your mood a little lighter on days where things feel like they’re getting on top of you. You could invest in a personal organiser, too, kitted out with post-it notes, list pads and more, which can make the process of putting together your to do list a little more fun.

A Personalised Screensaver

If your office has a clear desk policy, you can personalise your space by changing your screensaver. Updating your desktop wallpaper or screensaver with something that makes you happy can be a great way to inject a bit more fun into the workday. Whether it’s a funny picture (within reason – best to avoid the rude ones!), a holiday location as a reminder of what you’re saving up for, or even just a screenshot from your favourite movie, having a touch of personality on your screen can give you a quick mood boost.

personalised screensaver


Everyone loves a good stationary organiser, even if they try and deny it. The satisfaction of pulling a pen from a pot and popping it back in at the end of the day can help keep your desk de-cluttered, and your mind clear as a result. On the same strain, picking up a desktop letter tray or something similar can make sure that those mountains of paperwork that end up all over your desk can be neatly filed away, ready for whenever you need quick access.

Desk Plants And Flowers

Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside with you when you’re stuck in an office for 8 hours a day can be a great way to keep things bright at your desk. In fact, studies suggest that having a desk plant of any kind, whether it’s fresh flowers, a succulent or a cute cactus, can fight stress and fatigue, while reducing the chance of headaches, sore throats or coughs. It’s also been reported that a plant can increase creativity by up to 15% in most cases, simply by bringing a bit of nature and brightness to your desk.

desk plants and flowers

Personal Pictures

When things get stressful at work, most of us are guilty of uttering a quick ‘I want to go home’. Our friends, family, pets and the comfort of our own home can help relax us and by including a picture of any of the above on your desk, you can actually reduce feelings of isolation and stress. It can make your desk feel more personal and comfortable, with a quick glance at a photo holding the potential to raise your spirits when things are feeling drab.

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