The Do’s and Don’ts While Asking Friends For Moving

the do’s and don’ts while asking friends for moving help
Moving is a big task, especially an interstate moving, even when you hire the best out of the several numbers of moving companies. Asking for help from your friends can help you a lot. It requires etiquette to ask for moving service from your friends. From packing to moving to airport drop-offs, there is a lot to do when it comes to moving. Of course, no one wants to do it all. Your best friends can do it, but you should use an exceptional approach to ask for the same.

Here are some tips before asking friends for moving help.

Do this

Do acknowledge that it is such a great favor

First, you should know that this is not fun—nobody likes packing and moving on their own. Your good friends will roll up their sleeves and do all the tasks with a broader smile. Still, it does not mean that it is a small task. Do your friends know how great a favor they are making and how much you will go to appreciate them?

Tell them before

It was not an ideal option to ask for help from them just a night ago. Give them enough notice so they will be ready to work for you. Try to give your friends as much information as it is possible. Of course, everyone needs to rearrange their activities and their whole life schedule to find time to help you, so it is essential to notice in advance that you will need their help moving.

Provide refreshments

Feel like a host, and remember that your friends only work for you. Make sure to offer some snacks along with water or a cold drink as a sweet gesture. As you know, packing and moving requires a lot of energy, so you should also provide them with some healthy nuts. Also, use some sweet things such as brownies or cookies to bring a smile to your face.

provide refreshments for friends help moving

Ask for weekend help

Weekends are the best time to ask for help from your friends and family because it is the time when they would be free from their work. It is the time when they can dedicate a few hours of them to packing and other tasks associated with your move. Even if you cannot schedule your move on Saturday or Sunday because of the unavailability of the interstate moving companies, you can still ask for help on weekends. There are a lot of tasks that have to be completed before your move. You can take help from them in tasks like packing, cleaning, unpacking, and making the process completely organized.

Let go of perfectionism

Remember that if you want to be done with 100% perfection, asking for help from your friends is not an ideal option for you. In such a case, you should do all your tasks by yourself. Don’t hang up on the charges rather than focus on the accomplishments of the work.

Show gratitude

It is essential to show your gratitude as they are working for you. A “thank you” is essential to show your gratitude. You can take a break from tasks and bring pizza and a cold drink for everyone. This is a grand gesture and a great way to show your gratitude. On the other hand, if you don’t have money, a written note with a sweet “thank you” will work best.

Do not do this!

Don’t take it personally if someone is not able to help you

When you ask for help from your friends, some will be glad to help you while others may able able to help you. If your friends refuse to help you for any reason, don’t take it personally. Accept the person’s place in a friend’s hierarchy and then move on to someone else.

Don’t put too much on anyone

Your friends who have kids or are very busy with their daily schedules would be unable to help you. Therefore, you should not approach these kinds of friends. You should ask them who are readily available to help you.

Don’t be vague about what you want

Be direct while asking for help so that your friends can know what to expect. Let them know what service you need to form them, whether you need help in packing, cleaning, or lifting some heavy items. Let them know everything so they can prepare themselves for the same. As you know, some people are better at specific work than others. Therefore, you should pay off as per the strengths of your friends. Ask for help accordingly like if someone is good at heavy lifting, then you can ask for the same from him/her.

dont be bossy and make everyone unhappy

Don’t be bossy

Though you need to assign tasks to your friends because it is the only one who knows what help you need from your friends, it does not mean becoming bossy. Remember that you are asking for their help rather than commanding the tasks. Don’t be rude or aggressive while assigning work to your friends. Know the difference between aggressively and assertively asking for help from your friend, so be respectful while making requests to get help from your friends.

Final summary

Note down all these points and follow them while asking for moving help from your friends to get a few more hands-on moving-related tasks.

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