Understanding Personal Injury Cases

understanding personal injury cases

What is Personal Injury?

Injury resulting from other people’s actions, whether willingly or due to negligence is by law deemed viable for compensation. Injury could be in different forms. It could be physical (loss of limbs or broken body parts), psychological (defamation), financial or emotional in nature. Each scenario is different, dictated by the particulars involved that led to the injury. You require a professional attorney to fight for your rights, especially if the injury involves big companies with enough resources to weigh you down with teams of lawyers.

Common Areas of Personal Injury

Car accidents

Thousands of car accidents occur within the US every year. Naturally, accidents are a big part of personal accidents. This includes accidents incurred to passengers, motorists, cyclists, bikers, etc. A car accident can not only lead to financial strain, but also, depending on the intensity, it could lead to psychological trauma, physical injury, incapacitation, and even death. Psychological trauma could lead to unproductiveness either at work, school or at home. And most of these accidents are often as a result of carelessness by drivers through over-speeding, drunk driving, driving without license, etc.

Catastrophic accidents & wrongful death

Physical injury and incapacitation could mean the end of one’s career and source of income, turning the tables in just one day. Bills need to be paid and careers need to progress. In the event of death of a loved one, the lawyers fight for compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. They represent families of the deceased victims from all cadres of catastrophic accidents including construction accidents, medical malpractice, aviation accidents, and auto accidents.

Medical malpractice

Negligent medical practitioners don’t get to go scot free. Clients suffering from emergency room errors, birth injuries, hospital negligence, pharmaceutical errors, surgical errors, and obstetrical malpractice need justice. They need compensation for the trauma and abuse suffered. They also need compensation in order to fund any additional medical care or surgery they’ll thereafter as a result. In many cases, people seek corrective surgery which can be costly and risky.

What Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Do?

If you have suffered personal injury, either due to one of the scenarios explained above or due to other factors, it is highly advisable that you hire a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer from https://coganpower.com/ will help in the following ways:

  1. They’ll help you launch a personal injury case. Most people don’t know that they can initiate a personal injury case. It is their attorneys who advise them to do so.
  2. They will show that liability lies on the other party. This is where most of the work comes in. Liability is everything in these cases and your attorney will do the research and investigate the case to show where that liability lies.
  3. They will fight for your compensation. Liable parties and their respective insurers are not always willing to pay. Personal injury attorneys apply the legal pressure required to make sure you receive your compensation.
  4. They present your court to cases. Not all personal injury cases go to court. But when they do, your personal injury attorney represents your case to the judge/jury.
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