Keeping You on Your Feet: Tips on Breaking in Your Shoes for Prom

prom shoes fitting tips
Like any new pair of shoes, your prom shoes may initially be a little tight or uncomfortable. This is especially true if you’re not used to wearing high heels. Unlike your everyday shoes, your prom shoes are going to have to hold up under quite a few hours of standing, walking, and dancing–and keep you comfortable while doing it! If you need a good pair of prom shoes, you can click here.

To make sure your gorgeous prom shoes don’t become a huge pain in the butt throughout your night, JJ’s House designer Jessica suggests the following tips to break in your shoes for prom:

Prevent slipping by roughing up the sole

While it’s not enough we recommend taking sandpaper to a brand new pair of high heels, in this case, it might be something that saves your butt (literally). Whether your prom is being held in a gymnasium or a ballroom, brand new heels rarely have much in the way of grip, and those highly polished floors can mean one slippery surface. To prevent any unfortunate falls, rough up the soles of your shoes with sandpaper. Abrading the surface will provide more grip, which will mean you will stay steady on your feet the whole night in your beautiful prom dresses.
prom shoes slip prevention

Stretch your heels

New high heels can be a bit tight, but luckily there are a few different ways you can stretch them without having to wear them a ton first.

You can use ice to stretch your shoes. You do this by filling two freezer bags with water (making sure to get all the air out) and then inserting them into your shoes and putting them all in the freezer. As the water freezes, it expands and gently stretches the shoes.

You can also break your shoes in by aiming a hot hairdryer on them and twisting and turning them as they heat up. Just make sure not to hold the heat onto one single spot for too long! — To help you find the most suitable heels, visit

Toe tape!

Just like ballet dancers, taping your big toe and your fourth toe together is a great way to prevent pain when wearing new shoes. This is because this particular taping relieves some of the stress on a nerve that runs between these toes. Unfortunately, this hack only works if you’re wearing closed-toe shoes!

Have an emergency kit

toe tape on foot
Packing a little emergency kit for prom is essential, but you should have a few elements in there aimed solely at your feet. Blister pads and moleskin should always be included, along with some small nail scissors so you can cut pieces to the size you need. If you pack deodorant, then you can use it for any sweatiness issues, but also to prevent blisters on the delicate parts of your feet (the deodorant makes the shoes glide over the skin). You should also have a pair of comfy flats on hand. While we’re hoping these tips mean you get to keep your heels on all night, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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