PhotoWorks: the Best Tool to Sharpen Photos

Consider yourself an enthusiastic photographer? Like taking pictures every now and then but not always happy with them? Often photographs come out blurry, it’s one of the most common problem with them. But PhotoWorks will help you sort out this issue because it comes with an extensive toolkit for sharpening images. Let’s see how these instruments work:

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To begin with, try to change the general sharpness of the picture. Increasing sharpness will make the the objects’ edges clearer and better visible. To make the scene more detailed and textured with no undesired flatness in it, adjust the clarity level of the entire image. Use the adjustment brush to make the small and unnoticeable details sharper and more contrasting in order to draw the viewers’ attention to them.

There are 2 other powerful options in the program for sharpening your pics: the radial and the graduated filters. With them, you can select certain regions of your photo and change their sharpness degree. This way, you’ll make the main part sharper and other areas more blurry and less saturated. The ultimate guide on managing these sharpening tools is here.

You don’t have to limit yourself to making your images less blurry. With PhotoWorks software you can achieve the highest quality of your shots. Here’s what you can do:

Enhance Portraits

The Portrait Magic tool allows you to improve your portraits both automatically and manually. For an instant face improvement, choose a ready-made preset from a built-in selection: add a glamorous touch or a light tan to a portrait shot, remove face shine or redness, make the skin smoother or the lips brighter. Also, you can customize the effect settings: change the skin tone, eliminate the face glare, adjust the sharpness and contrast of the eyes and eyebrows.

Erase Objects and People

You can get rid of unwanted objects and strangers from your photos as if they’ve never been there! Try 3 tools and pick the most suitable for yourself: crop undesired persons and items out, remove them with the Healing Brush or use the Clone Stamp to delete them forever.

Make Photos Look Old

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Make your pictures look vintage in less than a minute with PhotoWorks. The software has a vast collection of instant retro filters – just apply one of them to your image with a single mouse click. Add a black or white vignette to your photo for an old-fashioned look. Or apply a film grain effect in order to replace the smooth plastic look of your pictures by a warm and realistic texture.

Correct Geometrical Distortions

The program allows you to easily correct barrel and pincushion distortions, fix the wonky horizon and get rid of the ‘falling building’ effect with a couple of mouse clicks. It is also possible to flip your images vertically or horizontally and change the rotation angle as you like.

Why Choose PhotoWorks?

PhotoWorks is a versatile photo editor. It’s compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. The program has to be installed to your personal computer, but you don’t have to register an account to use it. The software is suitable for editing all kinds of images: JPG, PNG, and RAW. The free trial version of PhotoWorks is available on its official website.

photoworks the best tool to sharpen photos
Try PhotoWorks today and you’ll see for yourself that image editing has never been easier!

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