Small Is Fun Sized! Even for a Scratch off Map

scratch off mapsAn extremely wise man (no clue who exactly) once said that good things always come in small packages. You would think that this will not hold true for a travel map but you will be entirely wrong and this scratch off map by Luckies of London will prove it.

Keep Things Fun With Scratch Map Travel: Can you expect anything less than sensational and brilliance from the originators of scratch off maps, Luckies of London. Responding to the desire of fellow travel bugs, they knew they had to come up with a smaller version of the scratch off map and they delivered it with Scratch Map Travel. This world map poster is smaller than the original or the more bigger XL versions, and comes with the dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm and has the following awesomeness.

  • Original Theme Followed: Why temper with a formula loved by all the travel enthusiasts? The Scratch Map Travel comes with a white glossy background where the countries are hidden behind a high quality gold coloured foil. Once you are ready to unveil your travels, you use a coin or any sharp metal object to remove the foil and uncover vivid shades of green, red, and yellow.
  • Beautiful Gift Tube For Your Travels: This scratch off map comes in a fun sized sturdy gift tube which you can easily carry it in your hand or just stuff it in your bag. To make things even more easier for the globe trotter, the gift tube comes with baggage tag so that you can mark it as your own and don’t lose it.
  • Capital Cities Legend Included: At the bottom of the map, travellers can find information about the capital cities and their population density.
  • No Trip Is Complete Without Photos: The fun isn’t over with just scratching. Flip the travel map and find other interesting things to check off. The back also includes place for putting up before and after photos. Get the inner diva ready and pose for these photos.
  • State Line Present: No map is complete without proper demarcation. State lines for USA, Canada and Australia are clearly marked on the gold foil to help you create a more accurate map of your travels.
  • Country Guide: At the bottom of the map, perfectionist will be delighted to find a guide for the smaller countries.

Summary: With the Scratch Map Travel, the fun continues on the trip and doesn’t just stop at revealing your travel journey but includes so much more.

Author Bio: Abel Antley works as a lawyer in London and often takes long vacations to far off lands.

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