Reasons Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

wordpress themes tips guidesSince WordPress is an eminent blogging platform loaded with plenty of free and paid themes and plugins that make things much easier for beginner bloggers, there are a lot of reasons why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes & plugins when starting a new website or blog using WordPress.

Yes, these are nulled themes that can wreck your whole blogging career because it is the paid stuff (WordPress themes and plugins) available on various advertising websites to download for free but not in a legal manner.

These can also be explained as themes & plugins which are paid but don’t require any activation or valid license that you must pay for them in order to legally utilize for your own WordPress website or blog.

As everyone knows that use of a well developed WordPress themes & plugins can aid you transform your simple web pages into professional looking website, installing a nulled theme or plugin can harm your blog unexpectedly.

Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins & Themes

Continue the read to know exactly that how nulled WordPress themes and plugins can destroy your business website or personal blog.

Lack of Support and Updates

Nulled stuff mean a premium WordPress theme of plugin which is available illegally free to download and install. These are only files to upload and install that don’t offer you any automatic updates or user support etc to get things done in your favor.

When using a nulled WordPress theme or plugin for your WordPress website, you will not be able to update it from your admin panel to enjoy the latest updates and features. Then you will again visit the site to get an updated version of the same theme or plugin to reinstall which is not only time consuming but can harm your website as well.

On another hand, as a user of nulled WordPress plugins, you will need to fix issues and problems yourself or try to find apt solutions from web.

Security Issues

A nulled WordPress themes & plugins provider will definitely get something in return and it could be your confidential data or information. Yes, security issues and problems are always there when you use something paid as free & illegally as well.

In simple words, such themes and plugins can be a major security concern for WordPress website that you must avoid in order to improve your online reputation without facing any troubles on your way.

As nulled WordPress stuff can pull the key customer information from your database and give it to unauthorized people, it is one of the reasons why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

Bad for SEO

One of the top reasons that nulled themes and plugins should be avoided is that they can be bad for SEO of your website or blog. There is nothing wrong to say that use of the nulled WordPress stuff can lead you towards lower search engine ranking and decreased traffic as well.

Most of plugins make a WordPress website slow which is not good aspect to get high ranks in search engine result pages.

Seeing that nulled themes and plugins always contain spam links and harmful codes, search engines will definitely penalize your website that can cause sudden and unexpected drop in your search engine rank.

Full of Malware

As we all know that nulled themes or plugins are usually cracked and be full of additional codes, which is usually considered as malware that can damage your website or blog.

Such WordPress themes are full of codes that shouldn’t be there on your website in order to make it secure. That is the reason; you should always buy WorPress plugins and themes from reliable resources like 10Web dashboard as it comes with +60 premium themes and plugins.

Do not Work Properly

Improper functionality is one of the reasons why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes & plugins. As a user of such themes or plugins, you might experience that some of the key functions of product are missing or not working properly that can cause poor website performance at the end.

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