A Productive Rant about Creating the Best Email Signatures in 2021

best email signatures in 2021

Creating the best email signatures comes as an afterthought to businesses, making them miss out on genuine opportunities. The best emails signatures create an opportunity for a company to market its self every day. They are essential for personal and business branding.

Changes in the business landscape have affected the design and presentation of products and services. One thing you may wish to adapt to is changing your email signatures. They allow a business or a brand to make it clear who they are, make it easy for clients to reach you, and give people a platform to know more about you or your business.

So what goes into making the best email signatures?

Full names

Your names should appear in your email signature so that your recipients may know who sent it. It should appear in your first line of text.

Affiliation info

Add your title, organization or company, and department information. This provides the recipient with context about the conversation and what role you take in it. Affiliating yourself with a brand gives you more credibility, especially if the organization is known. It helps in grabbing readers’ attention so they can take the message with the seriousness it deserves.

Contact info

Contact info provides the receipt with alternative ways of contacting you. It includes phone, fax, or a communication channel that you want to add. Also, you can use this opportunity to promote your website.

Social media icons

Social media spaces help you gain a following as you introduce your product to the world. Include links to your social pages in the email signature. This allows people to find ways of contacting you and reinforces your brand as well.

To make use of social media icons, ensure your social profiles provide exciting and valuable content.

Call to action

It is essential to include a call to action in your email signature. The best email signatures use simple, non-pushy up-to-date CTAs. Use a CTA that is in line with your business goals. You can update the CTA as the goals change.

Tips for creating the best email signatures

Keep it simple

An email signature with too much info can distract or overwhelm your reader. You can include an email and other important information without adding designs. This should include your name, address, job title, phone number, and company name.

 Color and font style

The best email signatures use colors drawn from a graphical element or a logo you are using to add visual interest. Do not overuse colors as they may cause distraction. Also, using specific font types helps in capturing a unique style. The font should be easy to read. In addition, the font should be consistent throughout the email signature.

Get social

Your social media spaces provide your reader with alternative ways to connect with you. Provide links to social media accounts that are professional.

Hierarchy style

Essential details about your business or you should be on top of your signature email. Your name should appear first, followed by contact detail. Also, you can use white spaces or dividers to separate elements of your email signature to direct the reader’s eyes. In addition, using capped, bold or colored types can attract the eyes first. Use these ways to weigh the most critical information.

Add a photo

Add a photo to give your signature email more personality, impact, and memorability. The image adds more visual interest and draws attention.

Add a logo

Also, instead of a photo, you can use your brand’s logo. Using both a picture and a logo makes the email signature too busy and confusing. Therefore, pick one that suits your situation.


The size of the logo will determine your signature email format. Landscape logos work well with stacked email signatures. Square, circular, portrait logos can be placed to the left or right of the text.

Design for mobile

Use a design and graphic elements that are ideal for mobile. For a logo with tiny text, consider using the parts that can translate well onto a small screen. Ensure your icons and links are spaced out enough to make clicking easy.

Call to action

The best email signatures can drive other engagements from your readers. You can encourage readers to sign up for your newsletters or provide a link to your latest link.

The best email signatures will draw attention to the body text, thus serving as a marketing tool. It encourages readers, provides contact info, and catches the reader’s eyes positively and memorably.

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