Exploring GogoPDF: 4 Web-Based Tools You Should Try for Your Electronic Files

Exploring GogoPDF: 4 Web-Based Tools You Should Try for Your Electronic Files

The advancement of technology always provides people with the convenience of life. The progress in transportation and communication and companies’ success in different industries all give credit to the massive improvement of technology. The same thing goes for your files and documents that have become convenient in using them in electronic format. 

The number of websites continues to proliferate in giving free services and various file tools to manage and organize your electronic files. One of these popular sites available on the internet is GogoPDF. It also comes with different helpful online tools you can access and use absolutely free. Here are some of those web-based file tools that you should try for your electronic files. 

Delete PDF Page Tool

When you have tons of PDF files in your device’s file storage, you may have observed that some pieces of information become obsolete or no longer necessary. Hence, instead of revising and creating the entire PDF file, you can simply delete pages from PDF that have unnecessary content. 

To complete this file task, you have to use the online tool of GogoPDF that you can find on its official website. The process won’t take long. Just visit the site and get your PDF files uploaded on its tool. After that, you can manually select the particular page numbers in your PDF files that you want to remove. 

Then, let the tool save the changes you’ve made in your files that will usually take just a couple of minutes. Once done, your updated PDF files are now ready for download and use for whatever purpose they serve best for your project or task. That’s the quickest process of removing pages in your PDF files using the GogoPDF platform. 

eSign PDF Tool Online

Adding signatures to your PDF files makes them credible, valid, and authentic. It’s quite common to any legal documents, such as agreements, contracts, any form of applications, and other valuable documents. If these files are printed out, you can get a pen and directly write your signature. 

However, it seems to be infeasible if you’re using a PDF file. Don’t worry because this next online tool of GogoPDF has been developed to complete this particular task. It’s the eSign PDF tool that will help you add your signature to your PDF files digitally. 

There’s no need to use a physical pen. You only have to maneuver the computer mouse to input your signature manually or use your computer’s touchpad. That’s it! After a couple of minutes, you can have your newly signed PDF files downloaded to your device’s file storage. 

PDF Password Protect

If you’ve been using PDF files for many years, adding a password to them for security purposes is never new to you. You might also have found many tool providers on the internet that you can use for free in setting up a password in your PDFs. However, the GogoPDF password protection tool has been trusted by many PDF users around the world for a long time. 

It’s quite convenient and safe to use the GogoPDF online tool. All you need to do is to have your personalized password ready. You can combine different numbers, small and capital letters, and other symbols you want to add. 

Then, provide the password on the PDF protect tool of GogoPDF after you’ve successfully uploaded your files on its website. That’s it! You only have to wait for a couple of minutes, and you can get your newly encrypted PDF files directly to your device’s file storage. That’s the easiest way of setting up a secure password to your PDF files using GogoPDF. 

Unlock PDF Tool Online

When you have many encrypted PDF files, it helps you feel confident and secure knowing that your files are safe, especially if these PDFs contain confidential and valuable information. However, if these encrypted PDFs only have general information and don’t have any sensitive data, removing the password seems to be a better idea.

Moreover, if you also forget the password most of the time, using password-free PDFs is the best option. Because of this, you have to use the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF online. The tool will let you remove the password you’ve set up in your PDF files in just a matter of a few minutes. After that, you can enjoy using your PDF files without providing any password before accessing and opening them on your device.


Managing and organizing your electronic files can be challenging without using the right tools. Hence, if you still experience the same struggles in handling your files today, don’t have any second thoughts. Visit the official website of GogoPDF now. Access and use its various tools that are 100% safe, reliable, and free. 

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