Movavi Photo Editing Software Review

We all have the tendency to capture the important stages in our life by clicking photos. Whether it is a hangout with friends, wedding party, family get together or a long vacation, photos keeps the memories as fresh as the first day.

The digital world has brought us many handy programs that help us capture a perfect picture on the go.

About Movavi Photo Editor

You can use these photos for your everyday work as well, and for this, you need a good editor. With the help of Movavi photo suite, you will get various kinds of editing options. The magic enhance system helps to adjust the contrasts and the brightness.

Sometimes there are many things on the picture which you wish to highlight but can’t. The Movavi photo editor will help you do all that. Like any other photo editor, Movavi has flipped, rotate and crop options in order to bring the best features of every picture. You can also remove the extra bit that you want.

Features Of Movavi Photo Editor

movavi photo editor reviewThe Movavi photo editing software for PC has a very simple user interface. It is an important thing for any software to have an easy user interface as it makes an important decision for it being sold.

The user interface comes with an 8-step tutorial which makes it more responsive and intuitive. All the options are clearly mentioned in the software and during the tutorial, you will get to know what it does.

You don’t have to be an expert in editing while you are using this software. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur, just click any picture and see the editing in this software is nothing less than a cakewalk. Here are the features that are present in this software.

  • Magic Enhance: Magic enhance is definitely the best and the fine feature that is added in this software. The reason for calling it the finest because it makes the software totally different from the crowd. All you have to do is take a picture and click on the magic enhance option and wait. You will see that a magic has really occurred in the picture. The algorithm of the software enhances the photo. Some pixels of the picture will get enlightened automatically. You will also have the control over how much you want to enhance the picture.
  • Background Change: Many a time we have seen that we have struggled a lot to take a picture. After we finally take one, we realise that some of your friends or any stranger has pooped in and ruined your background. This is the time when you want to remove your background image. The Movavi photo editor helps in changing the background instantly with just a single click.
  • Object Removal: This is just as similar to the option of removing the background picture. When an unwanted object comes in your picture, you want to remove it. But we also want the photograph to be crystal clear. Using the Movavi photo editor object removal option, you will get the best result.

Pros And Cons Of The Movavi Photo Editor

The pros and cons of this software are as follows.


  • It has simple options that are used widely in editing pictures
  • The tutorial for the learner or the first time user is shown very well
  • The user interface is very friendly
  • The software also supports the multiple languages
  • Sharing photos on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook options are available


  • This software is utilised for a general user and doesn’t fit well for a professional or a commercial user. This is because the software lacks some features for commercial use
  • You will not get layers of different images, texts or other things.
  • Only one image can be edited at a time.


Well not everyone has the money and time to buy editors like Adobe Photoshop and give time in learning it. The Movavi photo editor is the best option for all those who want to look good and get some likes on social media. It is very rare to find a photo editing software for PC with such simple UI. Thanks to Movavi, you have one now.

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