Product Review of Wrike – Project Management Software

product-review-of-wrike-project-management-softwareThe overall impression of Wrike is a fresh and professional project management solution. Wrike has been used by companies such as Amazon, Google, and PayPal. FinancesOnline awarded Wrike as the Best Project Management Software for 2016. hits many positive notes right off the bat:

  • The site is organized and easily to navigate.
  • The photos and colors chosen create an appealing, relaxing atmosphere.
  • There is an obvious next step for customers that wish to try the product.
  • The inclusion of a blog makes the company more knowledgeable about the industry


Just what is Wrike?

Wrike is project management software built around setting tangible goals. The products, including the app, help break projects down into more manageable tasks.

Wrike offers a tutorial to get help started on their program.

The key features of Wrike

Many users are able to collaborate on a project within one program. There are many features that help manage information. Among the collaboration features, Wrike allows users to assign specific tasks to team members.

Wrike includes email integration, with the added bonus of @mentions. This is helpful because it makes it easy to keep track of projects and call attention to specific items. This also makes collaboration and communication quicker and easier.

Wrike also enables desktop notifications. This will guarantee that team members are less likely to miss pertinent updates.

Users can use the powerful integrated analytics systems. This can be helpful in providing accurate reports to team managers, executives, and shareholders

Wrike can help keep you be organized

The dashboard on the desktop software allows you to add custom widgets. The software has a built-in calendar and to do list. The mobile app can also keep you on track with a day planner and other features.

On the customer service front, Wrike is on top of their game

The site offers live chat which greets customers when they’re browsing the site which offers a personal touch.

Upon signing up, the new user is contacted immediately to ensure a good user experience.


Wrike offers a sliding pay scale to subscribers

These are the options:


  • Price – Free
  • Users – up to 5
  • Storage space – 2GB

Professional 5

  • Price – $50 per month
  • Users – 5
  • Storage space – 5GB

Professional 10

  • Price – $100 per month
  • Users – 10
  • Storage space – starting at 5GB

Professional 15

  • Price – $150 per month
  • Users – 15
  • Storage space – starting at 5GB


  • Price – Must inquire
  • Users – 5 minimum with no limit
  • Storage Space – Starting at 100GB
  • Plus a host of additional features.

All in all, Wrike is a top notch project management software

In conclusion, Wrike is a great option for project management. Overall, this product is worth recommending. There are many project management programs available, but Wrike’s easy-to-use platform and accessible support helps it stand out.

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