5 VPN Apps that Also Offer Malware Filters

vpn apps with malware filtersWhen you’re surfing the web, you get an extra layer of protection using both VPN and malware filters that keep all your online activities safe from prying eyes. What’s even better is using an app that incorporates both features, saving you the time and hassle of using separate applications for both functions. When you take advantage of these features, you’ll enjoy a much safer browsing experience all around and have better assurance that your data is not as likely to be misused.


surfshark logoMany users turn to solutions like Surfshark CleanWeb™ for their online privacy needs, especially as the risk of cyber-threats grows. One of the app’s main features is technology that blocks ads, trackers, and malware for a more private, secure browsing experience all around. A kill switch provides a way to protect your data and activities in case the connection ever gets comprised for any reason. Double-chain technology also makes it easier to keep online activities completely private in all instances, so there are no worries on your part.


purevpn logoOne of the most common ways viruses attack computers, and mobile devices is through regular web surfing, with many of these threats hidden within sites used all the time. Using a VPN service like PureVPN helps keep your online activities invisible to hackers and malicious programs. One of the most troubling types of malware infection is ransomware, which can infect a computer through ordinary browsing activities.

This app uses real-time scanning to help intercept threats before they become a problem. By stopping these threats before they get into your network, you can easily avoid a lot of damage. Interruption-free updates help ensure that your devices always have the maximum protection.

Easy-Hide IP

easy hide ip logoEasy-Hide IP is another VPN product that helps block malware and viruses before they have a chance to enter your device’s network. The app’s features help protect against identity theft, which is a growing threat across the Internet. Regardless of whether most of your activities are of a business or personal nature, you can have better assurance that everything is well-protected.

Being able to choose the country of the VPN and the IP number itself are features that many appreciate when using a VPN product. One thing to remember is that using a VPN protects your contacts’ information as well as yours. This app and similar programs can all help keep things more manageable for you to cope with.

Safer VPN

safervpn logoWhen using SaferVPN and related programs, Internet users have an extra layer of protection that an anti-virus program alone is unable to provide. However, these programs usually don’t protect your identity and secure your browsing activities in the same way that VPNs do. This VPN solution makes it easier for you to browse the Internet in a worry-free way.

Even though many still fail to see the importance of using a VPN to protect their privacy, taking this step is essential in protecting the integrity of your network. The less exposure your system has to threats, the more productively you’ll be able to work. Products like SaferVPN that offer free trails help you make a decision a lot more easily.


nordvpn logoUsing a VPN may seem complicated, but it doesn’t need to be, as long as you pick an option that has the right features. NordVPN is an app that makes security easier when you’re online. You can even use it on public Wi-Fi networks to help protect your activities.

These types of VPN software work in locations around the world. If you’re facing a situation where you are unable to access a site because of restrictions, VPN options can help you circumvent these restrictions. With the added anti-malware features, you can feel better-protected.

You Won’t Go Wrong with VPN

When you opt to use a VPN product that has anti-malware protection, you’re making a good choice that protects all the data on your device. Regardless of whether you’re online primarily for personal or business reasons, you’ll enjoy knowing that your information is a lot safer. All your contacts will also benefit from knowing that their data stored on your devices is secure.

Cyber-threats continue to grow daily, and the ways hackers can compromise data keep growing more sophisticated, making a solution that fits your needs all the more critical. When you take advantage of VPN solutions that also include anti-malware features, you’ll have greater assurance that all of your data is safe. Deciding to utilize these solutions will be one of the best choices you make in your online activities.

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