How To Arrange Content On Your Site For Increased Click-Thru Rates

arrange-site-content-increase-ctrIt is very important that you arrange all the content that is offered on your site in a way that is effective from a conversion point of view. This practically means that you need to be sure that you do all that is necessary so that click-thru rates are as high as possible. Contrary to what you may be tempted to believe at the moment, this is something that many webmasters do not know how to do.

While there are so many things that we can talk about, some are more important than others. If your main goal is to increase click-thru rates, you will want to consider the following facts.

The Conversion Button’s Placement

Most webmasters make the mistake of adding a conversion button way down the content that is offered for the visitor. This is a mistake. As you can see from this Betterment Investment Review, placing something a little higher on the fold can aid you to increase click-thru rates.

The Quality Of The Content

Besides the placement of the content, you should also be sure that what is offered is of a really high quality so that the visitors can actually share content. This is something that counts a lot more than you may believe.

Remember that every single type of article that you write has to be arranged in a specific way in order to bring in really good click-thru rates. A list of the best personal finance blogs would need to actually include a full list instead of just a few options that are presented on a page. The longer the list, the higher the possibility of success!

Use Sidebars

There is a reason why most websites out there include sidebars: they cover parts of the site that are left blank when they are not utilized. With this in mind, there is absolutely no reason why you should not have sidebars. These are site parts that you can use in order to add some extra ads, related content and a whole lot more.

Keep in mind that most site owners out there do not actually take full advantage of the sidebars and this is where you can capitalize on such a mistake. Look for areas of the site that do not include content and try to take advantage of them by adding something that would cover blank space.

Multiple Click-Thru Buttons

Let us think again of the review example. The common trend is to just write a review and then add a call to action button at the end. This is not a good idea as you are limited. You should add that button after the first paragraph and at the end of the article you write. If the content is long, you may even add one more right in the middle. This would help out a lot and you can increase click-thru rates in a drastic manner.

On the whole, we need to realize that increasing click-thru rates is all about the structure of the site and the content that you offer. If these two elements are great, you can be sure you would have great rates.

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