Choose a Better Hosting Plan for Your eCommerce Site

web-hosting-for-ecommerce-siteOnline presence is very vital to the success of your online business these days. It is your visiting card, and is also a place in which most visitors will get their first impressions of what you offer. To create such a presence, you need an Ecommerce site.

The first thing to create an eCommerce site is to find a building tool. At present, there are numerous free options on the market, so you need to choose one that is well designed and integrated with clear interface. Next, you should seek a good hosting plan for your site that is the base of the website of any kind. If the eCommerce tool you chose is based on ASP.NET, find the best ASP.NET hosting from this page to host your site by following the tips listed in below.

Avoid Free Web Host

You always get what you pay for. Hosting your eCommerce site with free web hosts is not a good option because they lack some key tools and customer service that are essential for business. In addition, once your site outgrows a free hosting package, it will be difficult to transfer your content to a new host, which affects your business badly. Therefore, you should avoid free web host when you choose a plan for your eCommerce site.

 Think About Your Potential Site Growth

You need to make clear whether your business is expanding rapidly. If your site is growing rapidly and you are gaining new customers each day, you’d better go with a reliable web host offering multiple hosting plans and an easy upgrade. In this way, you are able to upgrade your hosting service whenever you need. Another way is to go with an unlimited hosting service.

Test Connection Speed

The loading speed is the soul of a site, especially for an eCommerce site. To get a huge speed boost, host your eCommerce site with a SSD web host is the best choice, because SSDs are much faster at retrieving data. There are numerous reputed SSD hosting plans on the market, among which this hosting plan is the most recommended one because of its low price and quality service. To test the connection speed, you are able to ping websites to see how much time it takes for the server to respond. Also, you will find the sites hosted with SSD hosting are much faster.

Pay Attention to Site Reliability

In addition to loading speed, site reliability is another essential factor for eCommerce sites. You may lose many potential customers because of your site downtime. Once people find your site is down when they want to access it, they may immediately turn to other sites similar to yours. In this way, you will lose a lot of potential customers. Go for web hosts offering at least 99.9% uptime. Note that even one-day downtime could result in losing a lot of businesses.

 Test Customer Service

Quality customer service is very important for you concentrating on your business. Try to go with a web host offering 24/7 customer service, so that you are always capable of getting instant answer and assistance from their support team. In this way, you can resolve your issue immediately and your business won’t be affected at all. To test the customer service of a web host, you can contact them to check how soon they will respond you and whether their answers are useful.

Think About Pricing

We have mentioned that free web hosting is not a good option for an eCommerce site for the lack of customer service and key tools. If you want to save budget, you’d better seek a cheap hosting service online. However, when you compare the prices of paid hosting plans, you need to be aware of the hidden fees. There are some web hosts charging less for their hosting plans, but they ask for setup fee.

Check Customer Satisfaction Rate

Before selecting a plan for your eCommerce site, you need to check the company reputation. The easiest method is to read reviews online. There are many professional review sites collecting customer feedbacks on some hosting packages. Read some real user reviews of a service to learn its customer satisfaction rate before going with it, even though you are happy with the testing results of its customer service, reliability and loading speed.

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