Common Sense Lessons You Need To learn About SEO

seo-common-sensesThere are basically hundreds of search engine optimization articles that are written every single day. People tell you many things but what many do not understand is that SEO is basically based on common sense. If you take such an approach, you will notice that it is not as difficult as you may first think.

Visitors Come First

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when doing SEO for a website is to forget about the visitors. So many think about various search engine optimization elements while completely forgetting about the fact that all the content that is offered has to be built around the potential customer or the blog visitor.

The next time you write an article, do not stay solely focused on optimizing the website according to Google Panda changes. You should also think about the information that is offered. When you solely stay focused on SEO rules you read here and there, you will forget about visitors.

Who Will Add A Backlink To Your Site?

This is the one question that you have to ask yourself. For instance, sites like SEO Desk always end up with good backlinks to articles that talk about anything, like website security validation, because the focus that was mentioned above.

When you write articles that are really valuable for visitors, other webmasters will see the article as being of value. Wikipedia is probably the best example of that. You can so easily appreciate the fact that it offers such high quality content and you need to be aware of the fact that it ranks so high in search engines because people keep linking to it.

Professionals in your industry are not going to add a backlink to your site in the event that they do not see something that is great. You cannot just buy links and expect to rank really high in search engines. It is vital that you also think about the content so that you get natural backlinks for free. When you get many of these, you will surely get better rankings.

Social Networks Count

According to BlogForWeb, one of the huge SEO mistakes made is a complete neglect of social media. This is especially true for the small sites. You need to present your content in a great way on social networks. This is because shares will count when referring to the ease of getting a backlink. As content becomes widely shared, you are bound to have the content seen by a webmaster that will also bring in a link.

No Follow Links Count

The last common sense idea that we have to talk about is connected to no follow links. Many webmasters avoid them. It is actually one of the reasons why social networks are not often considered. The truth is that when you get a no follow link you can get traffic to your site. This is something that is really important. Do not stay away from the no follow links. It was proven that for every high quality no follow links, many do follow backlinks tend to appear, which is what helps your SEO efforts.

By Boris Dzhingarov

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